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Nicki’s Breast Augmentation with Dr. Sieffert


They really are with you every step of the way through your journey. Whatever procedure you’re having, anybody who’s considering coming to Donaldson, you would be making a good decision as I did.

My name is Nicki. I had my breast augmentation with Dr. Sieffert. I initially was looking at a different surgeon- that surgeon actually referred me to Dr. Sieffert and I’m really happy that she did. I felt right at home when I came in. I had been to previous consultations, and it kind of felt rushed, and I kind of just felt like another patient. But she (Dr. Sieffert) really addressed all my concerns really well. By the time I left the consultation, I knew she was going to be my surgeon. She made me feel comfortable even right up to right before the surgery.

Definitely come in for the consultation. They make you feel like a person, not like another patient or number. I made the best decision with Dr. Sieffert, and I thank her and the staff here at Donaldson.