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Mommy Makeover Patient Says Results are Wonderful

“I came to Dr. Donaldson because I grew up as the heavy weight girl. I had always had problems with my weight, and decided at about 27 that I was tired of being the fat girl. I lost about 120 lbs and after four kids and losing 120 lbs I was left with massive, saggy skin, my breasts were uneven, and I was not happy. Nobody on the outside could see that I was unhappy, they all thought I was confident, but I knew how I felt. I looked at several different plastic surgeons, and after walking into Dr. Donaldson’s office I knew that this was going to be the place I would have a procedure done. It’s a beautiful office, the staff is wonderful – you don’t maintain a clinic like this and do bad work or have a bad rapport with your patients, you keep patients. I was impressed from the moment I met Dr. Donaldson, I met Bobbie, and all of the staff from start to finish – not that I’m finished yet, but it has been absolutely wonderful. I told Bobbie and a couple other people that one of the most memorable points of this was right before my procedure, before they put me under, Dr. Donaldson was sitting there holding my hand as they’re getting ready, and I didn’t even realize because I was chatting away, getting so nervous – but I looked over and he’s right there holding my hand. I thought to myself, this is how it should be. This is how doctor/patient relationships should be – they should comfort them, and walk them through and quite literally hold their hand through the process. He took a very uncomfortable, awkward situation and made it totally normal – I would recommend him to anybody, and have recommended him to anybody and everybody that has asked me about it. I’m happy!”

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