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Mommy Makeover Patients’ Results are Phenomenal in Columbus Ohio

Check out how pleased this new mommy makeover patient in Columbus, Ohio is with the results of her surgery: “I came to Dr. Donaldson’s office because I wanted a breast lift and a mini tummy tuck. I was not interested in a full tummy tuck. I researched other plastic surgeons. Each plastic surgeon told me that I had to do a full tummy tuck. Once contacting Dr. Donaldson, he made it very easy for me to get a mini tummy tuck. The results were phenomenal! It was very easy. It was not very painful at all. The office was very nice, clean, and very respectful. They went out of their way for me. Compared to the other offices that I had researched, been to, spoke to; they were over the top nice. Also, I live over 2 hours away. They made my stay after the surgery very nice. They set me up in a hotel that was all within the cost of it. They made my return appointments convenient. I came back the very next day so I did not have to come back a week later to check on everything to see how they were. I did have one concern and I called. They called me back within 5 minutes, and helped me out with that concern, which really wasn’t that big of a concern once I spoke to them.”

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