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Mommy Makeover: “The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made!”

“So I had three kids and they were not gentle to my body. My stomach was a mangled mess and I had lost a bunch of weight exercising and so that left more skin. I was told there wasn’t any more exercising, any more diet, nothing I could do to fix my stomach, which, again, was awful. So I had three different consults with three different surgeons and they all said they’d fix it a different way. I had a friend who had gone to Dr. Donaldson and said “you can’t make this decision without talking to him”. So I made the appointment and hands down, I was comfortable and it was the decision I knew was right for me. Since I was getting the stomach done, I figured might as well get the stuffing put back into the breasts. I teetered on it, with costs and just “should I do it” and I can tell you thats  probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. They look natural. Dr. Donaldson, before surgery, his staff, everything, especially Bobbi and himself, made you feel comfortable. During surgery, held your hand while you fell asleep. And after surgery and all the way up to, I’m almost a year out, and the care is beyond compare. And the results – I couldn’t be happier. I definitely would recommend if you’re thinking about doing anything along these lines that you go with Dr. Donaldson.”

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