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“I Felt So Comfortable Here” Says Patient After a Mommy Makeover


So, I decided to go with Dr. Donaldson after a lot of research on who I should go to for my mommy makeover — something I talked about with my friends for years, it was kind of just a joke. But then finally I found somebody that could kind of make my dream a reality. I had several consultations set up to go and visit a couple of doctors to see who could do this for me. Dr. Donaldson was the first on my list. After I visited his office in his staff, I cancelled those consultations because I felt so comfortable here. It’s kind of like you’re sitting in your living room with Dr. Donaldson, not at a doctor’s office, so that was super cool. You know, day of surgery, I was super nervous but he made everything super easy and his staff made everything super easy. And now I’m five months out and I haven’t had a bit of pain from start, and so thanks Dr. Donaldson!

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