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Gynecomastia Reconstructive Surgery by Donaldson Plastic Surgery

I came to Donaldson Plastic Surgery to get gynecomastia surgery. I basically kind of suffered through the gynecomastia since I was a teen… as long as I can remember. And being embarrassed going out to the beach or the pool or anything, or even just walking around in even tight shirts… having them always see through. So you’re always kind of trying to find ways to hide it, like with sweatshirts, or some people even rub it to make it hard so it’s not showing through, and, honestly, it just kind of… almost infects your daily thoughts… all the time. So, I finally decided to look into it at age 28. I found Dr. Donaldson online and saw great reviews. I came out and met him, and he was a great guy, so I wanted to continue with it. We did it about six weeks ago. The process was super easy. I didn’t even need to be put under for anesthesia. I was just numbed up and it was less than an hour. It went by really quickly… a very, very easy process. The surgery was very easy and even the recovery was relatively painless, and I was up and moving around the same day, really. I really had no trouble recovering. And, six weeks out now, it definitely looks way better than it ever did before, and it’s going to continue to look better. So I’m very excited to see what happens with it, and I’m very happy to have made the decision to go through with it.

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