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Gynecomastia Patient’s “Confidence is Back!”

So starting off I always, you know, grew up with having large breasts, and I always felt self-conscious going to the beach or swimming. And I’ve always, you know, covered my chest, because I was feeling a little self-conscious about it. I talked to my wife about it, and she found Dr. Donaldson’s practice on Google. I started researching the website and looking at the testimonials and reviews myself. She set me up an appointment, and I came in here for a consultation. I met with Dr. Donaldson. He walked me through everything in the procedure. We scheduled an appointment, and the surgery went great. You know I didn’t really need to take too long with recovery. It felt great. Within the next two weeks, I was back up walking around and back to my normal activities, and my confidence is back! And I’m glad I chose this practice. I highly recommend if anybody’s looking for doing any type of surgery.

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