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Earlobe Reconstruction Patient Describes “The Donaldson Difference” in an Account of Her Experience.

“Um, Hi! I had stretched earlobes which I loved, but I took them out for a little bit and I noticed a lot of extra skin on the back of my lobes. And I decided to get them closed up. And I came to Dr. Donaldson because I googled him and he came up and I came for a consultation. He’s very nice, very professional; Made me laugh. He’s very tall.  I made the appointment that day. His administration is also lovely and again, very professional, very very nice. I put down my payment, left, came back like a week later. They were able to get me in really quickly. I was made comfortable the whole time.  The day that I came to get the procedure done, I got numbed up. It was better than getting numbed up at the dentist. They’re pretty painless. Then, I went back into the operating room. It was very casual. Dr. Donaldson’s assistant, she wrapped my feet and a blanket. And then we went out and we chatted basically the entire time like I was getting her hair done; and yeah, we laughed a couple times. It was over like 30 minutes and my ears were very big because they were full of numbing solution. Barring that,  went home wore off in a couple hours just a little bit of stinging and took a tylenol, and the next day– nothing. Very painless. Came back a couple weeks later to get the stitches out. Again, painless.  And then a couple weeks after that I came back to get them re-pierced and he actually numbs you to get your ears pierced, so it’s not like Claire’s where they shove an earring through your ear and I have pierced ears again. And THAT is the Donaldson difference.”

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