Dr. Donaldson helps a patient who, for 30 years, has wanted to correct scars left from C-Section - Columbus, OH - Donaldson Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Donaldson Helps Patient who, for 30 Years, has Wanted to Correct Scars Left from C-Section

I had twins 30 years ago and had a c-section. I was surprised when they did the C-section that went up and down (vertical) instead of horizontal.  So, at that point, I thought someday I will take care of this. I had two more c-sections after that, and 30 years later, came in to see Dr. Donaldson with a friend of mine who was his patient.  And they just worked me in an appointment. I had him [Dr. Donaldson] look at my stomach and he said, “yep, we can take care of that.”

So, after 30 years of really wanting to do something, I took the plunge and made the appointment and scheduled the surgery. I was very nervous, but Dr. Donaldson and his staff was very helpful. They answered all my questions and was available to me after their surgery when I had more questions and concerns.  It was a very personal decision to do this. So months later, after the surgery, I’m completely happy that I did it. I’ve been wanting it done for a long time; very happy with the results; even just one month after their surgery, I look down and I see something that is recognizable to me from before I had my kids.  I’m excited to move on to the next stage and just very happy I did it!

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