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Breast Augmentation Columbus Ohio

I was considering breast augmentation, actually for about 2-3 years. I decided to look up on the internet and search a few surgeons, and I looked up Dr. Donaldson. I noticed he had a few shows that that he’s went on, and also on the news channel, so that really interested me. I noticed that I liked him a lot, considering I looked up pictures of all the other women that he’s done breast augmentations with.

Before I wasn’t really too happy with my breasts, they were really small, I didn’t fill out bikinis as well. I didn’t like the way I fit in my clothes and now I’m just absolutely in love with my boobs. They look great! I fill up bikinis, get a lot of compliments from men – checking me out – that I didn’t before. I feel more like a woman. All my friends want them now. Before I was so nervous and scared to get my boobs done, but after the surgery, I could honestly swear to all you guys out there that it was the easiest surgery. I’ve never had surgery before in my life, ever. This was the most simple surgery I’ve could ever imagine. I woke up, I was out at dinner the same night with my family. Everybody was amazed. I had a little bit of swelling for a couple weeks but it was so easy. I was up and ready to go back to the gym in two weeks, and I’m back in my regular routine. I love how my breasts turned out. I’m so much happier and all I can say is thank you Dr. Donaldson. I’m such a happy girl now! I’m a lot more confident.

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