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Breast Augmentation Patient Says Results Are Perfect

“I just got a breast augmentation by Dr. Donaldson, and pre-operation it was perfect – the staff was nice, very attentive. The first week after my surgery, it felt like a lot of weight on my chest, but two weeks after the surgery there was no pain at all, only the incision area was sore when I wore a sports bra. But I’m barely a month postoperative and you can barely see a scar. I love the size I got. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done; I’m confident, want to take selfies all the time, and my chest sticks out a little bit. I loved the experience, I love the staff, they were extremely attentive. My results are perfect – it is exactly what I wanted – the size, everything. I wanted to go bigger, but Dr. Donaldson encouraged I go with this size and I love it. Everything is perfect!”

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