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Breast Augmentation Patient Highly Recommends Dr. Donaldson

“I was concerned about my appearance, specifically the appearance of my breasts after having two children – I felt like everything was headed south. Two of my friends had breast augmentation performed by Dr. Donaldson and highly recommended him, so I decided to set up an appointment to meet with him and his staff. We went over my different options, and they really listened to me and took the time to get to know what I wanted and what my goals were. I decided on breast augmentation. I had the surgery a couple months ago, and it was much less of a big deal than I thought it would be! My recovery went really well, and I’m feeling great now. Now that it’s summertime I feel much better about getting into a bathing suit than I would have prior to the surgery. I would definitely recommend it; if you’re on the fence and not sure, definitely talk about it with Dr. Donaldson and his staff. I think if you decide to do it you’ll be very happy you did!”

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