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Breast Augmentation Patient is Very Happy!

I used to feel really self conscious going out in different clothing because I knew that my top half was a lot smaller than I felt it should be.  So for a long time I used to use different bras that I thought would help, and really nothing did the trick.  It was just covering a problem that I really wanted to fix. So for years I just lived with that.  I wanted to do something about it and I went to Columbus and one of my first searches I did here was for local doctors who did breast augmentation in the Columbus area.  After reading doctor’s websites, I decided not only did I like the description of the process at Dr. Donaldson’s practice, but also the testimonials I read about; everyone who was thrilled with not only Dr. Donaldson but his staff and team as well.  Everything from my initial consultation to the day of the surgery, to the recovery, to the follow-up–everything has been nothing but positive and I would highly recommend Dr. Donaldson’s practice and staff if you’re looking to do a similar procedure.”

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