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Breast Augmentation Patient is Confident Again

“For the last twenty-six years I’ve been very uncomfortable with my breasts. I would not get undressed with the lights on, I made sure the bathroom door was shut to take a shower – I wanted nobody to see me. I had had two children, I had breastfed, I had two flaps of skin – I no longer had breasts. I looked around at several plastic surgeons and decided on Dr. Donaldson. He did an amazing job, my self-confidence level is through the roof! I leave the lights on when I get undressed. I even give my boyfriend a flash every now and again to bring a big smile to his face. The surgery – a piece of cake! The week after, you are a little sore, nothing unmanageable though, and after that it only gets better and better and better. Clothes fit the way they are made to fit again. It’s just an amazing self confidence boost!”

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