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Breast Augmentation, Columbus OH: Patient Is Satisfied

When I first met Dr. Donaldson, I had problems with my breast area. I thought they were a little too small, and what I wanted was to enlarge them a little bit, but I wasn’t sure exactly what size I wanted. So I went online and I searched for physicians around the area and I came across Dr. Donaldson’s site. I was sold immediately. I looked at other people’s reviews, especially the video reviews. There’s one woman I came across and she talked about how courteous the staff was and how great her experience was, and her results were fantastic. Immediately I was sold. I decided to set up a consultation with Dr. Donaldson and everything she said was true, dead on. From then, I knew this was perfect. Within that same day I decided to schedule and appointment. I scheduled within a few months and did the procedure. The recovery was awesome. Now I’m one month post-op and they’re fantastic. I love them! I definitely recommend Dr. Donaldson to everyone who’s interested in breast augmentation, or any other procedures. I love them, and I think you will too!

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