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Aesthetic Treatments Before Spring Break


Your Roadmap To Spring Break

Planning the perfect getaway often involves creating lists, making reservations, and mapping out travel logistics. But in the days leading up, you can’t forget about your needs! That’s why we’ve done the necessary prep work for you.

What aesthetic maintenance can you do now to make life easier when you’re away? We’ve created an aesthetics itinerary that will help you time your treatments just right.

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your roadmap



When To Schedule Each Treatment


4 weeks

While the initial effects of filler are immediate, most need at least two weeks to fully settle into your desired result, allowing us to determine if touch-ups are needed before you go.



3-4 weeks

This ensures that you’ll have the full benefit of the treatment during your trip, without having to worry about maintaining your appearance or vacation photos taken while you’re away.


Excessive Sweating

2-4 weeks

Heading for warmer climates? Excessive sweating can dampen any scenario. Botox is often used to treat hyperhidrosis so you can stay cool during travel and enjoy your new environment.

Excess Sweating


2 weeks

A single CoolTone session is equivalent to doing 2,000 crunches in 30 minutes. Pre-vacation muscle toning is noticeable after just one session, but we recommend a series of 4.


Eyebrow Waxing & Tinting

2-3 days

Keeping your features freshly defined with a well-timed wax or a waterproof brow or lash tint will be convenient when you’re on the go. Our providers recommend giving yourself 2-3 days.

Medspa Services

Skin Prep & Protection

2 days

Prep your skin or start your vacation early! A trip to the medspa can be your final stop to promote relaxation or pick up your travel essentials, like supplements or sun protection.

Skin Prep


Things To Do During Your Week At Home

  • Give Your Body A Break

    Staying home? Spend a week caring for your body! Our 7-Day Detox Kit has everything you need to restore your liver health & give your body a reset.

  • Let Your Mind Relax

    Explore our premium facial treatments and experience tranquil rest & relaxation. Let your mind unwind while prioritizing your overall skin health.


    Our consultation fee has been temporarily waived, so it’s your time to try the treatment you’ve always wondered about or consult with a trusted expert.


    CoolSculpting is an non-invasive solution that reduces fat and slims your body contours without surgery. By starting now, you can be beach-ready by May.


    Skin tags. Moles. Lipomas. Use this time to undergo a quick, minimally-invasive procedure to remove them & feel more comfortable in your skin.

  • Last Call For Lasers

    Halo and BBL are versatile treatments, but they’re best performed in the days where the sun still sets before 8 PM. Take advantage of the week for your recovery and results!

now introducing

Travel-Sized, Medical-Grade Skin Care

Don’t let TSA guidelines get in the way of protecting your skin. We offer compact versions of your favorite skincare products so you can carry the essentials with you wherever you go.

  • Skin Better Science Cleansing Gel
  • Skin Better Science Trio Moisture Treatment
  • Skin Better Science Mystro Active Balance Serum
  • Skin Better Science Alto Advanced
  • Skin Better Science Alpha Ret Clearing Serum
  • Skin Better Science Alpha Ret Overnite Creme
  • Alastin HydraTint SPF
  • Alastin Ultra Light Moisturizer


Check Out Our Post-Vacation Recovery Guide

Sometimes it feels like we need a vacation after our vacation. We offer treatments designed to help you retain that refreshed vacation glow — long after you’ve touched back down to reality.

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