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Small Breast Implants For Better Shape

November 4, 2014

How to Have Perfect Yet Natural Looking Cleavage with Small Breast Implants

Some women want larger breasts, while others would prefer to simply improve their shape. The latter prioritizes cleavage over cup size. For these women and others like them, getting small breast implants is a great way to finally have cleavage while also maintaining their current body type.

Small breast implants are not at all uncommon. In fact, many celebrities, businesswomen, models and moms have elected to get smaller implants in order to maintain a very natural look that is proportionate to their bodies.

Accurate Measurements Can Help Solidify Your Personal Goals 

When choosing breast implants, patients should try to think in terms of shape instead of volume.  During the consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, measurements such as breast width and height, nipple position and inframammary crease location will be considered. The surgeon will also assess the shoulder-chest-waist-hip proportions, as well as the height and overall body type (e.g., athletic) to help determine the best implant size for achieving the desired look.

Why Choose Small Breast Implants?

Ultimately, small breast implants are a great choice for people who would like to augment their busts while also maintaining a natural look. Through an analysis of body dimensions, surgeons can recommend implant sizes that will allow patients to accomplish this goal. So, if you are interested in breast implants, you can stop focusing on cup size, start imagining your ideal shape, and visit a plastic surgeon!

About The AuthorJeffrey Donaldson, MD Author Bio 2

Jeffrey H. Donaldson, MD is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a specialization in breast surgeries. He has performed thousands of successful breast augmentation procedures – from smaller sizes to larger – and hopes to help all of his patients feel more comfortable with their decision and more confident in their own bodies.