Here are five cutting-edge books published by Dr. Donaldson’s mentors.
He worked side-by-side, day-in and day-out with many of these doctors as he learned the art of plastic surgery.

reconReconstructive Surgery: Principles, Anatomy & Techniques,
by Stephen J. Mathes, M.D. and Foad Nahai, M.D




periorbitalEyelid and Periorbital Surgery,
edited by Clinton D. McCord, Jr., M.D. and Mark A. Codner, M.D




eyelid-surgeryEyelid Surgery,
by Clinton D. McCord, Jr., M.D.




art-aestheticThe Art of Aesthetic Surgery: Principles and Techniques,
by Foad Nahai, M.D.




endoscopicEndoscopic Plastic Surgery, 2nd Edition, edited by Foad Nahai, M.D. and Renato Saltz, M.D.




Here is a sample of Dr. Donaldson’s own publications:

annals-07Annals of Plastic Surgery,
Volume 58, Number 3, March 2007




annals-10Annals of Plastic Surgery,
May 2010





book coverCirurgia estética da região frontal,
Ch. 24: Miectomia do Músculo Corrugador por Via Transpalpebral





How to Become a Plastic Surgeon

* Earned by Dr. Donaldson