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Direct-To-Patient Care

We Don’t Work On Commission. We Don’t Accept Tips.

At Donaldson, we promote collaboration among our specialists in the best interests of our patients instead of harboring a sense of competition over “sales.” We are simply here for you — your goals, your comfort and your health!

Experience The Difference

How Patients Benefit From This Approach

Your recommendations are based on what matches your goals and is ideal for your current health status.

In a field where ethical considerations and patient well-being should be paramount, the pressure to perform the most treatments in a day could lead to unnecessary procedures and treatments being recommended. We remove this risk by ensuring there is no conflict of interest between our providers’ financial motivations and what is best for the patient.

We Can Help You Faster & More Proficiently

Our incredible team can pair you with the best treatment specialist based on your concerns. We get you into our office for a consultation or follow-up faster because we aren’t concerned with “filling the books” of a single provider.

If you do request a specific provider, we will be transparent in letting you know when their next opening is and offer the most suitable alternatives if that date does not adhere to your schedule.

A Symbiotic, Patient-Focused Environment Is Crucial In Healthcare

Our specialists stand as world-class providers on their own — but the entire Donaldson team is strongest when we work together for you.

We often cross over into different departments within the practice to create better outcomes. Our functional medicine team works with our surgeons to prepare patients for a procedure and set them up for a faster, more comfortable recovery. Our skincare experts collaborate with aesthetic providers to create post-treatment regimens that bolster and preserve results.

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When you book with Donaldson, you can rest assured that you’re getting our best. No rash decisions. No undue influence. Just the greatest care from the best providers.