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By Olivia Whapham |

Introducing Andie Schroeder, Our Skincare & Makeup Specialist

Get To Know Donaldson Plastic Surgery’s Resident Product Expert A Little Better!  

If you’ve visited our office recently, you may have noticed a fresh face in our product showroom. That’s Andie Schroeder and she’s one of the best skincare product experts and makeup service providers in Columbus, Ohio! As our in-house specialist, she spends the majority of her time showing patients the ins and outs of each item on our shelves, while researching rising products in the industry. 

If she’s not consulting with someone one-on-one, she can be found prepping patients for Botox, fillers and laser treatments. She also helps to glam up our team members before the day begins. Have you ever wondered how our team stays so beautiful even in the early morning hours? Much of what you see is Andie’s work in motion! 

Cultivating A Landscape Of Skincare Knowledge 

Her interest in aesthetic treatments and products goes deeper than their stated results. She strives to build a better connection to each product that goes beyond the cosmetic effect. 

“I love the science behind aesthetics. I like being hands-on and educating patients about products by showing them what works best for them, why it works best and how to apply everything correctly.”

-Andie Schroeder

Taking The Extra Time To Earn Your Trust 

Andie’s day doesn’t begin at 8:30 a.m., 7 a.m. or even 6 a.m. It actually begins around 4 p.m. the day before as she pores through each individual patient chart. This proactive step helps her to fully understand the products that best suit their needs based on their treatments and unique history. She also works directly with our outstanding aesthetic providers to learn even more about each person who strolls through our showroom!  

Andie’s passion for cosmetics and attention to detail allow her to deliver the perfect product and answer all questions that may be associated with them. 

AlphaRet Overnight Cream

Speaking Of The Perfect Product…

Here are some of her favorites to have on standby: 

  • Alastin Sun Screen
  • AlphaRet Retinol Cream
  • Extractions and DiamondGlow
  • Jane Iredale’s Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation
Demonstrating makeup application

Andie’s Perfect Day Is All About Balance

And to strike that equilibrium, she enjoys a strong mix of getting to know new injectables patients and showing existing patients the ropes when it comes to the latest products on our shelves.

Skincare consultations. Makeup services. Treatment preparation. They all blend together so perfectly! 

One Of Her Favorite Topics of Discussion? The Benefits Of SPF & Playing Defense Against Aging 

We are firm believers that SPF plays a critical role in our daily routines. Not only does it help bolster our beautiful results from various aesthetic treatments, but it also acts as our first line of defense against aging and skin cancer. Making SPF application a habit will protect more than your gorgeous glow!

“It’s always concerning when someone bought sunscreen in February but tell me they’re only halfway through it in November! ‘I still have about half a bottle left’ and I say ‘Oh … you may want to start using a bit more every day, unless you have 10 different kinds you’re dipping into!'”

-Andie Schroeder

From Miamisburg, With Strong Roots In The Cosmetic Industry 

Before joining the Donaldson team in September 2022, she spent time at Sephora and Massage Envy as an Esthetician. She attended the Mason Anthony School of Cosmetology, Esthetics, Massage Therapy & Manicuring and made the move to Columbus in 2016 after transferring from the University of Kentucky to The Ohio State University. 

Andie became the newest extension of the Donaldson Plastic Surgery team after keeping a close eye on our open positions. 

“I always wanted to be part of medical aesthetics. I’ve constantly searched for opportunities because it can be so difficult to get into. Once people get in there, they don’t want to leave – and for good reason!” 

-Andie Schroeder

Pulling Inspiration From Influential Industry Voices & A Familiar Face

  • Tiana Willis is fabulous! She’s an esthetician I found on Twitter. She finished school at 16 and is smarter than almost anyone else I know in the industry! I trust so much of what she has to say about skincare.”
  • “I also follow ‘The Beauty Brains‘ – they’re insightful cosmetic chemists. I like digging into the science and having ingredient knowledge. How do things work? Why do they work? They do a great job of debunking popular myths.” 
  • “When I get the chance, I always just want to sit down with Tatjana and learn from her. She is incredible. I want to schedule a facial with her soon just to pick her brain!”

Come By & Meet Andie To Experience Her Magic For Yourself

We invite you to come by our medspa in Dublin, Ohio and say hello in-person! Once you exit the elevators and turn toward the office, Andie’s smiling face will be one of the first you’ll see. Looking to schedule your first one-on-one skincare or makeup consultation?

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