Inc. 5000 Honors Donaldson Plastic Surgery For 5th Straight Year

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By Jeffrey Donaldson, MD |

Donaldson Plastic Surgery Lands On The Inc. 5000 List for 5th Straight Year

We Are The Fastest Growing Practice In Ohio, According To The Data-Driven Index

2022 Inc 5000 List

It is with great honor that we announce that Donaldson Plastic Surgery placed #3416 on the esteemed Inc. 5000 Companies list for 2022. This is our highest placement to date thanks to our 154% increase in growth over the past three years. We are also one of the only Columbus-area companies with a 5-year distinction.

How DPS Evolved To Meet New Needs & Changing Demands

The plastic surgery and aesthetics industry saw a great deal of disruption in the past year. Despite the uncertainty, our practice successfully pivoted when we needed to and doubled down on our strengths — without sacrificing an ounce of patient experience quality. The clairvoyant vision of our leadership and the remarkable resilience of our team have allowed us to achieve such spectacular growth.

It’s All About The Experience

Throughout the year, we bolstered our Patient Care Team and Communications Team, adding talented members to each. This move has helped us improve the patient experience from the very first point of contact all the way through surgical graduation and beyond.

Reaching The Right People When They’re Ready

We have fortified our marketing team by bringing on new full-time team members with their own unique talents and producing more multimedia elements to spread our message more effectively. Dedicated to the brand and disseminating accurate information, these individuals work to create more content for our patients at every stage of their personal confidence journey — from niche questions about specific procedures to helpful information about aftercare.

Expanding Our Extensive List Of Services

As technology advances, so do our team and what we can do for our patients. We’ve added a number of incredible cosmetic treatment options and product offerings to our repertoire in recent years, including:

How Determines The Success Of A Company

The 5000 list hones in on one of the most dynamic areas of economic growth in our country: small businesses. The outlet is dedicated to uncovering entrepreneurial advances and uses a unique three-year calculation to create its proprietary list. The two biggest factors include total revenue growth and jobs added. To be included, a business must also be a privately held, for-profit company based in the U.S. that is independent of any other organization.

You Can Find Our Most Recent Rankings Here:

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