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By Jeffrey Donaldson, MD |

Gynecomastia Surgery Review 

Is It Worth Getting Gynecomastia Surgery? One Patient Answers ‘Yes’!

Gynecomastia Surgery Review

Excess breast tissue is uncomfortable. Especially if you’re a man that spends hours in the gym and eats right, but you just can’t see the results of that effort when you take off your shirt. 

Unfortunately, we can’t out-lift or out-diet gynecomastia because it isn’t a build-up of fatty tissue — it’s glandular tissue. And, sometimes, we’re no match for biology. 

With that said, there is a simple surgical solution out there that has helped countless men feel better about their bodies, and you’ve likely heard of it through your own research. It’s called gynecomastia surgery, it is designed to get rid of that extra tissue with very minimal downtime and virtually next-to-no scarring. 

The following excerpt is a one-on-one interview we conducted with Thomas, a recent Columbus, Ohio gynecomastia surgery patient.  Hear what he had to say about his experience at Donaldson Plastic Surgery before making your next move forward:

Identifying gynecomastia in a male patient

When Did Your Search For Answers Begin?


Thomas: “The first thing I noticed was when I was driving. I started having sensitivity in my nipples, which was weird. Then it increased from there. 

I didn’t really have any problems during my teen years. I’ve been going to the gym ever since I was in high school. It’s not like I was ever overweight or that I gained weight and saw more breast tissue. It came out of nowhere. You hear a lot of people say that they develop gynecomastia around puberty – when their hormones change. But mine was right when I turned 28.

I noticed the extra tissue around the breasts out of nowhere. It was just a real fatty tissue. I really didn’t like the way shirts were feeling. It was uncomfortable for me. I never had a body image problem until this. I was afraid to take my shirt off in public and go to the pool.

I started researching what it was and what it could have been caused by. Then I started looking at options to correct it.”

The Next Step: Estrogen Blockers vs. Gynecomastia Surgery


Thomas: “I went to an endocrinologist to get my hormones checked out. We thought it was a hormone imbalance, so they put me on anti-estrogen. I was basically on the lower end of average for testosterone but my estrogen was on the higher end of average. I was within the normal ranges but on the opposite ends of where you’d want to be.

[After taking the estrogen blockers,]I noticed some performance benefits in the gym but it didn’t have any effect on the tissue itself. It helped my testosterone, but it didn’t help the gynecomastia symptoms at all.

After that, surgery was the only real option.”

Gynecomastia surgeon in the operating room

Why Thomas Chose Dr. Donaldson

Thomas: “Dr. Donaldson was one of the highest-rated gynecomastia surgeons in the local area and we began from there. This was a serious surgery so I was trying to find the best result.” 

Do You Enjoy Your Gynecomastia Surgery Results?


Thomas: “It has definitely been a big improvement. I don’t wear tight shirts, but I like fitted shirts. How tight it was on my chest was so uncomfortable. I was always wearing hoodies and baggy clothes. After the surgery, I could wear my normal clothes again. The process was really easy and smooth. The follow-ups have all been good. And the results, I really liked.”

What Was Gynecomastia Recovery Like?


Thomas: “The recovery was the hardest part because of the drains that were in there for a week or two – that was hard, but it was necessary for good results. That was actually the first time I even had anesthesia or had gone under for surgery. It was a shock but I don’t think there was anything I would have done differently or changed.”

Did You Ever Find Out The Direct Cause?

Thomas: “It could have been trauma. I ride motorcycles, which could have an effect. There are just too many factors to know what exactly caused it.”

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Are You Looking For More Information About Gynecomastia Surgery?

Our experts are on standby to answer your questions or to schedule your first appointment so you can get it out of the way now — and for good. Dr. Donaldson is a renowned plastic surgeon with exceptional experience removing breast tissue and overall male breast reduction. He performs these procedures on a weekly basis and would like to help you out. 

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