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We know that the nature of reproductive issues presents significant emotional and physical challenges. Being submerged in the world of infertility can often leave women or couples feeling overwhelmed and helpless, not knowing where to start and where to focus their time and energy. Thankfully, your search for educated answers has resulted in finding a fertility doctor who can help guide you along this path. 

Our goal is to dive deeper than conventional medicine and holistically explore the root cause of your personalized fertility challenges. As a team, we walk together to unveil all potential avenues to increase your pregnancy success through a functional medicine approach. 


What Makes Functional Medicine Different

Female Infertility Treatments

Growing up, we assumed once we decided to be a mom, we would be pregnant within a few months. However, too many times, this fairytale story is untrue. You may feel as though you have no control over the outcome, but a thorough fertility treatment plan can give us more control than we think.

We cannot promise you a pregnancy, but we can promise optimization of your hormones and egg quality. We can promise a sense of control which can alleviate anxiety. We can promise we will walk alongside you through your journey.

Unexplained Miscarriage Treatment

Pregnancy can be a source of both joy and anxiety. For some of us, the experience of a miscarriage is one that we will never forget. We can’t shake the sensation of guilt, even though we know it’s not our fault. Our team offers unexplained recurrent miscarriage treatments to help gain a better understanding of the factors at play and gain biological clarity. 

We cannot guarantee working with us will prevent loss, but we will provide you with a sense of control during this time. We will accompany you on your reproductive journey, explaining health issues that can impact fertility and employing the best solutions unique to your circumstance, including genetic screening, lifestyle changes, and, if necessary, medications. 

Irregular Periods & Ovulation Disorders

Ovulation occurs when our symphony of hormones works together to create a seamless, harmonious cycle. However, it is not always so simple. You may struggle with endometriosis or PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which are estrogen-dominant diagnoses. You may have irregular cycles or none at all, making it harder to conceive.

So often our only choice of irregular period treatment is birth control, but what if you want to get to the root cause of your irregular cycles? We will walk through natural ovulation disorder treatment options including diet, movement, supplements and, at times, pharmaceuticals.

Pregnancy Planning & Nutrition

It is possible to optimize your fertility before you are actively trying to conceive. We will review labwork and diet formulating a personalized plan to optimize your fertile years. Your plan will be all-encompassing and will include diet, movement, stress management, hormone balance, nutraceuticals and/or pharmaceutical regimens.

Nutrition throughout pregnancy is vital, perhaps more so than at any other point in our lives. Dr. Marguerite Weston, Angie Scala, NP, and the rest of our functional wellness team will cater this plan to meet the needs of your lifestyle, ensuring it is simple enough to sustain but thorough enough to be effective.  

Fertility Treatment Focus Areas

Our Fertility Experts

Holistic Fertility Specialist


“I’ve walked on both sides of this journey — as a patient eager to finally have a positive pregnancy test, and as a provider, eager to discover ways to optimize your fertility and achieve your family planning goals. That’s where my passion began for functional fertility, to not only help myself as a fertility patient but also to help many others on their own fertility journey.”

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Doctor of Functional Medicine


“I have seen the emotion in the eyes of patients who have been trying to conceive — and it is heartbreakingIt is not acceptable to allow patients to forge this journey alone. We are here to walk alongside families in order to create a personalized approach to fertility and allow an element of control in an area where no control is felt.”

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The topic of fertility services and pregnancy can be both exciting and stressful. Regardless of where you are on your journey, we understand that this period of time is a vulnerable one. We are here to bring combine our real-world experiences as mothers with our world-class training as physicians to bring to life a program that helps you achieve your ultimate goals. We invite you to get in touch with our incredible team today! 


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