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By Stacie Isler, PA-C |

Thinking About Fillers? Here’s What You Should Know

I’ll be your guide, Stacie Isler, PA-C.

It’s back-to-school time at my house, so I thought I should take the opportunity to share with our patients about one of our most popular nonsurgical treatments Welcome to Filler 101!

I am a certified Physician Assistant of 12 years, specializing in plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. I am very experienced and well-versed in the topic of facial fillers and nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, and I can’t wait to dive in with you! Here are some of the most important facts about fillers that you should know.

What does filler do?

Dermal filler is a soft, malleable substance made of hyaluronic acid that is injected underneath the skin. If you ask a highly-trained injector, they will tell you that the purpose of filler injections is to restore lost volume due to aging & to bring balance to a person’s face by controlling its proportions. Either by enhancing or de-enhancing certain facial features, filler is injected to create a smoother, more attractive appearance.

Proportions: Where Science Meets Beauty

Filler uses the science of proportion in order to make certain features appear more or less prominent. Your injector should therefore have a advanced understanding of facial anatomy, product knowledge, and aesthetic training for you to achieve a technically beautiful result. Subtle manipulations and micro-adjustments (with 1ml of filler or less) can make a world of difference to a patient’s appearance, and to their own self-image.

That being said, and facial sculpting and rejuvenation takes a fair amount of artistry and creativity on the behalf of your injector. Not every face requires a straightforward approach, so your injector’s style definitely comes into play!

What are the different kinds of filler?

Filler comes in a lot of different forms, and they are formulated for different purposes and for use in different treatment areas. We primarily carry the Juvederm collection of fillers, which contain the following three favorites of mine:


Volbella is an injectable hyaluronic acid filler that can be considered a ‘cousin’ to Juvederm.  It is used to create subtle volume at the lips and can also treat fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.  Because of the way Volbella is manufactured, results can last up to 1 year post-treatment.  It is known to create a ‘softer’ look when compared to Juvederm.  Volbella is a fantastic lip filler for first time patients!


Voluma is the hyaluronic acid filler of choice to treat age-related volume loss in the face.  It is the most viscous (thickest/heaviest) of the fillers and it tends to last the longest – up to 2 years post-treatment.  Voluma is not only injected below the skin in the subcutaneous level, it can be strategically placed along the cheekbones to recreate a ‘strut’ for the aging midface, restoring structure and contour. 


Vollure is the middle child of the hyaluronic acid fillers – it is less firm than Voluma but holds more structure than Volbella.  Vollure is the optimal filler to use most commonly in the lower facial moderate to severe wrinkles, including nasolabial folds.  It is also versatile enough to correct deep tear trough deformities.  Results from these injections typically last around 18 months. Other fillers that we offer

Popular Filler Treatments

  • Nonsurgical rhinoplasty
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Lip augmentation
  • Chin and jawline contouring
  • Tear trough augmentation (undereye filler)
  • Laugh line and marionette line treatments

We’ve barely scratched the surface, but I hope this guide has been helpful if you are thinking about getting filler done! If you’d like to learn more about fillers, set up a consultation with me any time so we can break down these topics even further and talk about bringing your dreams to life.

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About the Author

Stacie Isler has performed aesthetic injectables for over 12 years. As a physician assistant, she uses her knowledge of anatomy, surgical techniques, and her natural eye for aesthetics to help patients reach their goals in a fully customized way. Stacie is passionate about ensuring her patients fully understand and are excited about their treatment plans to ultimately feel their best!

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