Donaldson Plastic Surgery Introduces CoolSculpting Elite

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By Nikki Rucinsky |

Donaldson Plastic Surgery Introduces New CoolSculpting Elite

A New Generation of Cool

We are excited to introduce you to the most advanced in fat-freezing technology yet — CoolSculpting Elite! We are proud to be the very first practice in Columbus, OH to offer CoolSculpting Elite to help you reduce stubborn fat and achieve your body goals.

CoolSculpting Elite in Columbus, Ohio is the most advanced fat reduction technology that eliminates twice the fat in the same amount of time.

Ready to Meet Elite?

CoolSculpting Elite is the most technologically advanced CoolSculpting technology yet. The noninvasive treatment is safe and even more effective in freezing pockets of fat without damaging the surrounding tissue, causing fat cells in the treated area be destroyed, never to return. We are excited to be the first in Columbus to usher in a more powerful and effective fat-reduction treatment, compared to traditional CoolSculpting.

How Does CoolSculpting Elite Work?

Cryolipolysis, commonly referred to as fat-freezing, is a clinically proven nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment that uses cold temperatures to reduce fat deposits in certain areas of the body. The procedure is designed to reduce localized fat deposits or bulges that do not respond to diet and exercise. Applicators are placed on the treatment area via suction, and the tissue is cooled for about 30 to 45 minutes. The best part? A treatment of CoolSculpting Elite is completely painless and requires zero downtime!

CoolSculpting Elite vs. Traditional CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Elite has a number of unique benefits that set it apart from previous CoolSculpting technology. So, what is different about the new CoolSculpting Elite technology that you can find exclusively at Donaldson Plastic Surgery?

Firstly, CoolSculpting Elite is the only device FDA-cleared to eliminate stubborn fat in nine different areas of the body. That’s more than any other body contouring device on the market! Bulges of the abdomen, bra fat, flanks, arms, thighs, under the chin, and much more can all be targeted with CoolSculpting Elite to slim and contour.

Redesigned dual applicators

CoolSculpting Elite’s applicators are engineered with a greater contour to better fit the natural curves of the body. These new curved applicators allow for 18% more tissue contact, and deliver more evenly dispersed cooling to the treatment area so that every fat cell is subject to freezing. These new powerful innovations mean that you will get more fat-reduction out of your treatment with CoolSculpting Elite in a targeted area.

Did we also mention that there are now TWO applicators with CoolSculpting Elite? That means you can treat two separate areas at the same time. That’s double the fat reduction in a single visit, saving you time!

Sleek, efficient design

More Comfortable During and After Treatment

We have even heard from our patients that have tried CoolSculpting Elite that their treatments are much more comfortable than ever before! Compared to traditional CoolSculpting, CoolSculpting Elite is the only option for patients who want the very best experience and results.

Why CoolSculpting Elite at Donaldson Plastic Surgery?

It is clear to us, as experts, that not all CoolSculpting practices are created equal. Choosing CoolSculpting Elite at Donaldson Plastic Surgery in Columbus, OH means you are choosing an elite experience with a team of smart, caring, clinically-minded providers.

Our CoolSculpting providers have attended the multi-day CoolSculpting University Masters Clinical Course, an advanced training program for elite CoolSculpting providers to enhance their skills and further their mastery. Our experts will never recommend a treatment they don’t think will benefit you, and they will always be honest with you about expectations and capabilities of the treatment.

Being the first practice in the city to offer CoolSculpting Elite, we have unique insight into the efficacy of the treatment and its best practices to safely achieve the best results.

Ready to Eliminate Stubborn Fat?

Setting up your first CoolSculpting Elite treatment is easy! First, a consultation is required for CoolSculpting Elite to ensure you are an appropriate candidate. Consultations can be held at our Dublin, OH practice, or can take place virtually. During your consultation, our highly-trained CoolSculpting experts will listen intently and recommend the best treatment plan for you to reach your body goals.

Get Started Today!

If you’re curious about the results you can achieve with CoolSculpting Elite in Columbus, OH, get in touch with our team today and set up a consultation! We can’t wait to help you achieve your body goals and see what CoolSculpting Elite can do for you!

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