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By Nikki Rucinsky |

Chemical Peels vs. Facials

The differences between the two & what is right for you

From a distance, chemical peels and facials may look similar, but they offer different benefits. Just about every person can find a facial that works for them but chemical peels can be a different story. Get a closer look and see if a peel is right for you!

To start off: What is a chemical peel?

Chemical Peels vs. Facials

Chemical peels are a topical treatment performed by Medical Aestheticians. By applying chemicals to the skin, the top layer is gently exfoliated away.

After the treatment, you can expect to see diminished fine lines, a more even skin tone, a lightening of dark spots/age spots, fewer breakouts, and an overall more radiant glow.

At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, our Medical Aestheticians use peels that are designed to be gentle. Some peels can be harsh and disrupt the skin’s integrity. Our’s deliver the same results but over a span of time, so they do not compromise your skin’s natural barrier.

So, are chemical peels safe?

Because our peels aren’t as aggressive as others, you won’t experience drastic peeling. Your skin may be dry or slightly flaky right after, but you will not experience a “snakeskin” appearance.

What’s the difference between a chemical peel and a facial?

Chemical peels are a more intensive treatment for the skin. Facials are topical treatments that can include things like steam, extractions, moisturization, and massage elements. With all of these elements combined, facials create a very relaxing experience.

A closer look at other key differences between chemical peels and facials:

Chemical PeelsFacials
Short treatment. No more than 45 minutes.Longer and more luxurious.
Series of 6 treatments every week or every other week.Performed once every 4-6 weeks.
Produces long-term results.Produces more short-term results but can produce long-term results with consistency.
More aggressive treatments.Gentler and more relaxing.

Can I combine chemical peels and facials?

During your chemical peel series, it is recommended to hold off on getting a facial during this time. After your chemical peels have been completed, monthly facials will maintain your skin’s health.

Nikki and Tatjana recommend starting off with a facial first before beginning your peel series. 

Chemical Peel Being Applied

What can I expect during my chemical peel treatment?

The skin is first cleansed and prepped before the peel is applied. Dependent on the peel, it will either sit for 10-20 minutes as one layer or multiple layers will be added every few minutes. The peel is then removed, the skin will be neutralized, moisturizer and/or sunscreen will be applied, and you will be on your way!

What kinds of chemical peels are there?

Donaldson Plastic Surgery offers peels for all types of skin concerns. Acne, age spots, scarring, congestion, redness, are some examples of concerns that peels can address.

Relaxed patient at a Dublin Ohio Medspa

What is best for me?

We highly recommend consulting with an experienced Medical Aesthetician to determine the best route for you when choosing a chemical peel that is right for you. These trained professionals are able to customize your peel dependent on your skin’s needs and sensitivities.

Ready to Feel Deeply Rejuvenated? We’re Here For You!

Tatjana and Nikki can make skincare and treatment recommendations by accessing your skin during a facial or a consultation. You can get scheduled for either appointment by calling (614)-442-7610!

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About The Author

Nikki Rucinsky is a medical aesthetician at Donaldson Plastic Surgery where she specializes in administering both clinical facials and medical-grade chemical peels. As a self-proclaimed “life-long learner,” she is always seeking out new techniques and treatments to help patients feel their best, while also researching each ingredient to ensure they are safe and effective long-term.

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