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Capsular Contracture: Columbus, Ohio Surgeon Explains Treatment and Prevention

April 20, 2010

Most breast augmentations are straightforward procedures with beautiful results, but on occasion, a bothersome process known as capsular contracture develops. This occurs when the body tries to wall off an implant as a foreign object (like a splinter) with an abnormal amount of scar tissue. The scarring can be firm, and even painful when severe.

Experts are not convinced about what causes capsular contractures: some think it is bacteria or “biofilm,” while others believe it is trauma from surgery. Regardless, the reported incidence is anywhere from two to thirty percent depending upon the surgeon.

Dr. Donaldson takes many precautions to prevent capsular contractures in his own practice. First, he uses meticulous sterile technique and antibiotics to avoid bacteria and infection. He insists on “no touch” handling of implants so they go directly into position without delay. He operates with a soft touch — “gentle with tissue” — to minimize trauma. These simple principles have helped Dr. Donaldson achieve an extremely low rate of capsular contracture.

Columbus, Ohio patients also visit Dr. Donaldson for second opinions regarding capsular contracture treatment. For these individuals, he performs an operation including capsulotomy (scoring and release of capsules) or capsulectomy (removal of capsules), with removal of the old breast implants and placement of new breast implants.