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By Stacie Isler, PA-C |

Bye Bye, Cellulite!

Our Very Own Stacie Isler Joins The “What Matters Show” To Discuss Avéli®

We completely endorse the idea of doing whatever feels best for you and your body especially when it comes to cellulite. If you want to embrace your natural body as you are, we are 100% in your corner! But if you feel this common skin condition is holding you back from releasing your full confidence, then we want to offer a solution that remedies the situation and empowers you in new ways. 

This Is Where Avéli Comes Into Play!

Donaldson Plastic Surgery’s Patient Care Director, Stacie Isler, recently joined Mindy and Mikaela of the What Matters Show podcast to share the details of this truly revolutionary cellulite treatment

Stacie Showing Off Avéli Cellulite Treatment

“Here’s the kicker – it actually works! Up until now, we’ve haven’t had anything. It’s all been gizmos, potions and lotions. Nothing ever worked. This is the answer to cellulite dimples.” 

Stacie isler, PA-C & Avéli Expert

The Research Is The Difference Maker 

“The people who founded the company and invented the device did years and years on cellulite, what causes it and the different ways to treat it. Cellulite is banding that happens in your connective tissue. It starts from your muscle fascia and then these bands, called septa, pull at your skin, causing the dimple. 

“Avéli is the device that is inserted under the skin. I can actually tear through those bands and release the dimple in real-time. You can actually hear it! I think it is so satisfying. Patients just watch TV or Netflix and I remove their cellulite.” 

Are You Interested In Experiencing Avéli For Yourself?

We don’t blame you – there aren’t enough great things to say about it! We invite you to book your first consultation with us today. Our team of cellulite experts can answer any additional questions you may have, determine if Avéli is right for you and walk you through what to expect before booking your treatment. 

About the Author

Stacie Isler has been a practicing Physician Assistant for the past 15 years. She has seen trends come and go in the aesthetics space, but consistently believes in one thing: science. With her extensive background in plastic surgery, she understands the difference between fads and facts. Stacie always aims to provide services and treatments to her patients that are worth the investment.

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