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By Jeffrey Donaldson, MD |

Breast Augmentation Part 1: The Incision

The first decision in breast augmentation is where to place the incision. How long will it be? Will it show?

One option is to hide the incision in the fold beneath the breast. This location tends to blend in well over time, but the position must be precise so that it does not rise up onto the lower part of the breast or sink down to the upper part of the abdomen. It is easy to make this incision longer if necessary to accomodate a larger implant.

Another option is to place the incision along the curve of the nipple/areola, in a half-circle that hides between the lighter skin of the breast and the darker skin of the areola. This approach makes sense if changes in the shape of the areola are desired, a small “lift” is planned or the fold under the breast is too exposed. The length of the incision is limited by the size of the areola.

Finally, for many women in Columbus, Ohio, breast augmentation is only desirable when there are no incisions on the breast at all. These patients opt to have their implants placed through the axilla or armpit. The small scar fades fast, and it is best for saline implants that are placed under the pectoralis muscle. It requires specialized endoscopic equipment and training to achieve optimal results.

Many surgeons learned one way to perform breast augmentation, and they still use the same incision every time. For breast augmentation, Columbus, Ohio surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson trained with leaders in the field nationwide, and he is comfortable offering each patient a personalized, customized approach. He will help you choose an incision that suits your individual needs and preferences.

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