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Patient Is So Happy With Her New Look & Has Been Recommending Dr. Donaldson To All of Her Friends

Hi, I’m Ellen.  I [am] here at Dr. Donaldson’s plastic surgery office. Before I [had] my breast augmentation, I actually look[ed] at a lot of [doctors] that [performed breast augmentations] online. One of my friends, who is [also] a doctor, told me that Dr. Donaldson is the best [doctor] for doing breast augmentation [surgery]. So I just said, “Okay, I have to get [his] number”. [But] before I [did] that, I looked online at the reviews that people [wrote] about him and I was satisfied.  I [went to Dr. Donaldson’s office] and I [took] my boyfriend with me. Right from [the start], all the staff [was] really nice. I [felt] comfortable and I said, “yeah, I would like to do my surgery”. 

The first [size] that I tried was the 345 [cubic centimeters] – I was[n’t] happy about it, [so] I said, “can I try the 400?”, and [Dr. Donaldson] said, “Yeah, sure”. Then, after [I tried the 400 cc’s], and I said, “okay”. I talk[ed] to Dr. Donaldson and asked if he can do [a size] bigger and he said, “Yeah. It will look good”. I was very pleased [with] what happened to me. Now I feel confident with my body and I can’t wait for summer. The result[s] [are] awesome. Some of my friends [have] asked me where [I got my surgery done because] they want to do the same thing.

So I recommend [Dr. Donaldson] to everyone, especially my friends. Dr. Donaldson did a really good job on my breasts. I [feel] happy now that I have this look. Thank you very much, [Dr. Donaldson], for making me very, very comfortable and very confident about myself and my body.

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