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THIS is what a Mommy Makeover With Dr. Sieffert Can Do!


My name’s Natalie. I did a breast lift with augmentation. I did a tummy tuck and 360 lipo with Dr. Sieffert. I wanted to get surgery because I’ve had a child and things just weren’t looking like they did. You know, post-baby everything is a little saggy. My breasts were saggy, abdominal area was saggy. And I just really wanted to get back to the old me and feel a little more confident. So that’s why I decided to get all this surgery. So this year, 2023 can be the year of focusing on me.

My research process… I just looked up, I talked to some friends that had surgery done, and then I looked up, you know, surgeons in the area. You guys had great recommendations. And once I talked to the staff, everybody here is amazing friendly. And that’s ultimately why I picked here. I was just super comfortable and knew I would be in good hands.

After care- if I had any questions, anyone answered anytime, day or night. It was wonderful.

I showed my before and after pictures to like everybody I know! I’m just super happy with my results. I’d never expected them to be this great. They’re really wonderful.