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Surgery Patient Compares DPS To Prior Plastic Surgery Experience


My name is Jessica. I am 39 years old and I am a patient of Dr. Donaldson. I recently had a brachioplasty where he removed the skin, the extra skin from my arms. I had liposuction done of my upper and lower back and my bra line. I needed to have the surgery, because two years ago I had a gastric sleeve and I lost 100 lbs. So I had a lot of loose skin that I was dealing with. And I did see another plastic surgeon for a breast lift and a tummy tuck, and that surgeon was not able to do my arms, so they referred me to Dr. Donaldson. And I have to say that my experience here was more professional. It was definitely more medically oriented. And different in the best possible way. I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process. I didn’t ever feel like the things that I was asking for were that there was any judgment for the things that I was asking for.

The day of surgery, I came in and my mother my mother came with me. And she is a very nervous human being. And as soon as she met Dr. Donaldson, once he left the room, she said, “I feel so much better now. I really like him.” Like he just his… the way that he talked to me and the way that he interacted and just his general aura was very comforting to her.

And she even she felt very relaxed about me having the surgery because it is a big surgery in that particular area. It can be difficult to heal and, you know, a little bit more risky. But I had a great surgical experience. It was different than my first plastic surgery experience in the sense that I felt like the staff communicated better to me. I understood more in the moment of getting ready to go into the operating room, what they were doing and what was going to happen. There was more communication there, which was nice. And then more reassuring for my mom. My post operative time when I was here and waking up in the hospital- much better. I didn’t wake up in a room wondering where I was and what day, you know, who was here and getting wheeled out in the middle of the…

It was it was wonderful. I had a great experience in the hospital with the at the surgery center. And then I just followed the post-op instructions, as far as the diet and the care, and I had no complications. I would do it again. Absolutely if I needed to. My scars look great. My healing process was fabulous. I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. Every time I came in for a follow up, the staff was very friendly. Everybody’s been so pleasant and great to deal with. And if I were to need something again in the future, I would definitely, I would definitely be giving Dr. Donaldson a jingle.