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Mommy Makeover Patient is No Longer Self Conscious

“Before my surgery, I was very self conscious. I had very small breasts and, from having babies, I had a poochy belly. I’ve worked out, I’m a runner, did a marathon, and I still wasn’t seeing any results that made me feel confident. After surgery that my sister had, she referred me to Dr. Donaldson. I felt so comfortable here, everybody was very comforting. I didn’t feel awkward about it, I didn’t feel like a diva. They made me feel very at home about it. And a year later, here I am, feeling very confident in the way that my body looks in clothes that I used to have to wear push-up bras and fillers. I’m now just natural-looking. And my running has gotten.. I fit in my clothes better and just feel more confident about the way that I look in my clothes.”

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