“I just stare at myself in the mirror now,” says 45 Year Old Tummy Tuck Patient - Columbus, OH - Donaldson Plastic Surgery

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“I just stare at myself in the mirror now,” says 45 Year Old Tummy Tuck Patient

“Okay, well I just want to really share how happy I am with my results. I actually was, for years, since my son was three, probably twelve years ago, I would be online looking, researching just different ways because when I had my son, I had to have a c-section and so my stomach never really recovered from that.  I would workout, workout, workout, but I’ve always had this pouch.  Then, as time went on, now I’m in my 40s (45 to be exact) my breasts began to sag and I’m like, “What’s is going on?” So I really just got to that point where, you know, after a couple years of just talking about it, my husband’s like, “Why don’t you just go and just see what it’s about and get it done?”  And I was like, “well…”. But the fear was there, always; because you’re like, “Whoa!”,  what’s it feel like?  what’s my I downtime? so what I did is I had a stylist actually, that does my hair had beautiful results and she shared them with me.  And I said, “where did she go?” and she said,  “Dr. Donaldson.”  I’m like okay, you know what I’m just going to go there because I know it worked for her and she had beautiful results.  So I came in and one thing I noticed about this office is that everyone was genuinely pleasant and very professional, very concerned. Even the first day,  I got my makeup done, which was a boost along. So I talked to Dr. Donaldson and I found out that, you know, everything that I wanted to get done to be done and I could come through him because there was fear there– surgery, how long ago would be down; and once I got through it and got all that done and, I tell you what– I do stare at myself more in the mirror now and my husband is very pleased and I’m just excited, you know ,for next year when we go to the beach because I’m putting on that two-piece now.  And you know, I’m just excited that one of the things that I had always struggled with was because, you know, you tend to hide things that you get concerned about and now I just feel like, you know, I don’t have to do that. You know, everything, even my healing. I was so worried about, you know, a lot of times, typically too of every marriage, there’s a lot of scarring but even the way I was sutured there’s like, it’s just beautiful. I mean, it’s just beautiful.  Like, I’ve been very happy, very surprised, and I mean I feel really good.  I’m actually going back to school, what do they say?  the new 40, new 30?  I don’t know. I’m going back to 20 myself. So I’m excited I think that. I recommend, I recommend this office. They have so many other things that I actually wanted to try and I found that one place that I made it’s a beautiful job. You know, it just changed my life.”

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