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“It’s A Good Investment In Your Health” Says Functional Wellness Patient


Hi my name is Vera, and I see Dr. Weston.

I initially came looking for surgery- you know basically a tummy tuck for my diastasis recti. I was told I didn’t qualify because I was too overweight, and that’s what brought me to Dr. Weston. She’s been teaching me about diet, nutrition, and just learning how to eat healthy. What I thought was normal, what had become normal, really isn’t normal. You should actually listen to the doctor!

I do think it’s worth every penny that you spend here, because, you know, it’s kind of sticker shock at first, but you can spin that small amount (even though it’s really not small) but you can spend that small amount at first instead of having a lifetime full of prescriptions for diabetes and then probably arthritis or even you know other issues. So it’s a good investment in your health.