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Dr. Donaldson Helped a Patient Love How Her Breasts Look After Breastfeeding

So I was um, 40 years old when I had my son, and you know, prior to that, I had never really paid that much attention to my chest. I guess that sounds like a funny thing to say, but I was always small-chested, but it never really bothered me. I was an athlete and active, so you know, I just kinda went about my business. But between turning 40 and breastfeeding my son for a year, all of a sudden, I became less than happy with how things were going. And um, you know my son nursed really heavily on one side versus the other, so I felt a little lopsided. I had an inverted nipple on one side, and just finally decided, this is making me unhappy. And what a ridiculous thing to be unhappy with because it’s fixable. It’s something I can pretty easily do something about. So I started asking around to some friends that I knew had similar surgeries and had similar experiences in recent years, and Dr. Donaldson’s name just kept coming up. You know, big fan, big fan group out there he’s got. So I decided to go ahead and make a consultation. I came in actually with my husband so that he could hear firsthand what the experience would be like, what really it would entail. You know we have now two boys at home, so recognizing that he would have to kind of step up his game a little bit. Knowing that I was going under for something elective, I really wanted him to be on-board. So I think we spent a couple of hours here for our consultation talking with Dr. Donaldson, talking with Bobbie, talking with Kerrie. Just really getting to know already folks in the office and that was just our first time here. And we walked out just sold and ready to go. I think that the worst part about the whole process was that we had a little over two months to wait between that first consultation and when surgery was actually scheduled so that was a really long two months. But morning of surgery went incredibly smoothly, although I don’t remember much about it. Healing process has been crazy. I was telling Dr. Donaldson that I was afraid at first that he did something wrong because I had no soreness. I had almost immediate full use of my arms. I just, I felt comfortable. I wasn’t in a lot of pain. I didn’t need to take medication. I felt like I was still participating in my family, and I was back to work really quickly. So I’m, I think, almost 5 weeks post-surgery at this point. I don’t have the Franken-boobies anymore as we affectionately called them in my house. Because you have some of the like the scars, you know the dark stuff going on, but they already–my husband made a comment the other day that you know from across the room you can’t even tell I had surgery so recently. So my healing process has been fantastic. And my experience with everyone here that I work with here in the office has continued to be so positive. And just a really great, great experience. I’m already looking for things to do next.

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