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Breast Reduction Testimonial of Donaldson Plastic Surgery

My name is Tawny. I am 25 years old. I came to Dr. Donaldson as a 34L. That’s L, as in “Leave Me Behind.” The pain on my back was so bad, I could not get up most days. And no amount of diet and exercise was making them shrink, so I started shopping around for a breast reduction. Dr. Donaldson and his team were the clear standouts in knowledge and customer care. They bent over backwards to make me feel comfortable and informed. While his team took a little bit longer for me to see, it was ultimately the best decision. Because of Dr. Donaldson and his team, I’m now able to run, jump, climb… I can enjoy life as it’s meant to be lived. If there’s one takeaway, it is that this was the best decision of my life because now I can actually live it.

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