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Breast Augmentation Patient Loves Her Proportions

“For many years I considered doing something cosmetic to my body, especially with my breasts. I’ve always been small chested, and I embraced it for a while, but after having kids and my body changing, I started to get “floppy” as my kids called it. I thought I really needed a boost. My bottom half is a little bit bigger so I wanted some proportion. It was hard to find clothes that fit, especially dresses – I couldn’t buy off the rack. My girlfriend would have to tailor dresses for me because they didn’t fit. I did some research and found Dr. Donaldson and loved what I saw on the website, saw the other testimonials. I came in for a consultation, loved the staff and felt really comfortable. I had breast augmentation a few months ago and I’m healing great! I love the way that everyone has taken care of me and supported me and I’ve had tons of positive feedback from friends, my husband and my kids. It’s been great – I fit my clothes, I’m proportionate, and I’m really, really happy with the results.”

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