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My name is Alicia and I decided to have surgery. I had breast implants done, mainly because I was sick of looking like a twelve year old boy. So I decided to have it done, but I was very adamant about it being natural and that it would fit my petite stature. I chose Dr. Donaldson because one of my best friends not only recommended him, but several other people recommended him, and I always go by word of mouth.

When I went to meet him I was very impressed. He was also, not just warm, but he was very professional. He didn’t make feel uncomfortable and he didn’t try to push things on me that I wasn’t interested in. I absolutely love the staff. I love everybody I worked with there and I think my experience was very positive. I remember the day of the surgery when they rolled me in and I was of course nervous, and they put your arms out, and he held my hand, and I was like ‘that is the sweetest thing ever’. Of course then I was out and I don’t remember anything since. But I definitely felt very comfortable with my experience and I would recommend him to anyone.