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Abdominoplasty Patient Testimonial

Hi, I’m Courtney Herston. I had surgery on April the 18th of this year. I was [a] little skeptical on which doctor I wanted to perform my surgery, so I did different reviews and researches and I came across Dr. Donaldson’s website. Went on there, and listened to testimonies from different people, decided to go in for a consultation, met his staff and they were wonderful. They–very put me at ease. I was nervous because this is a major surgery. I’m four months out now. I’m excited; I’ve got more progress to go, I’m loving how my body is transforming. My biggest issue I had was my FUPA, and Dr. Donaldson to me, I feel like, took that absolutely away. So I can’t be more ecstatic about it. His staff is very well to get in contact with, emails, phone calls, if you have any questions or concerns they’re always willing to help you out. Once again, I’m four months out and they still help me. So Dr. Donaldson is a great person and doctor to do your surgery.

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