It seems that every month a new type of liposuction hits the market –for example, Vaser. Columbus, Ohio, liposuction patients may choose among traditional suction, ultrasonic, laser, power-assisted and many variations and combinations of these technologies. While marketing hypes new products, and enthusiasm builds for the latest brands, it is still the plastic surgeon who wields these instruments that matters most.

Dr. Donaldson insists on performing each liposuction himself after careful study of each patient’s concerns and goals, ideal vs. current contours, fat composition vs. cellulite. He is comfortable using the latest technologies, and he frequently combines techniques in order to customize results. Dr. Donaldson finds certain liposuction modalities
helpful in specific situations; for instance, ultrasonic-assisted liposuction is excellent for dense areas on the back and male patients with gynecomastia. Traditional liposuction offers superior control around the neck and face. A combination of both leaves beautiful curves around the abdomen, flanks, arms and legs.

Before you select a liposuction procedure based on an advertisement or casual conversation, determine WHO will be performing the operation. Dr. Donaldson is a plastic surgeon with skilled training, an artistic eye for beauty, and experience that ensures safety.

Bikinis, tank tops, low-cut jeans and shorts are coming out of storage during warm weather, which means belly buttons across the world are coming into view. Many summer fashions feature the navel… Great if it’s cute, not great if it’s ugly!

Perhaps you are fortunate to have a navel that is small, vertically-oriented, slightly tapered around the edges and centered within a concave “six-pack” of muscle — these are the descriptors of the aesthetically ideal umbilicus that has been studied by current plastic surgeons. If so, then flaunt with pride! If not, then you might want to consider making a change.

Women whose midriffs have been distorted by weight loss, weight gain, surgery or pregnancy are now seeking help from Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson in Columbus, Ohio. Belly button surgery (umbilicoplasty or omphaloplasty) is offered here to restore a youthful, more attractive appearance. Dr. Donaldson hides the small incisions inside the cavern of the navel, and he uses several layers of inner stitches to create the desired effects.

When the belly button alone is treated, this focused procedure may be performed in the office under local anesthesia. Sometimes, the optimal result is achieved in combination with liposuction or tummy tuck to contour the entire abdomen. Either way, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Donaldson to review your goals and best options. Don’t let the shape of your belly button limit your fun in the sun!

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