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Angie’s List Magazine July 2012 – Dr. Donaldson Featured on Page of Happiness

July 30, 2012

Click the cover to see inside the July 2012 edition.

Donaldson Plastic Surgery was the first business featured on the “Page of Happiness” in the July 2012 Central Ohio print edition of the Angie’s List magazine.


I had been thinking of having a breast augmentation for many years.After nursing two children I was ready. I researched, researched, researched and had consultations with 3 different surgeons. As soon as I met with Dr. Donaldson and his nurse I had no doubt he was the surgeon I was looking for. A natural, proportional look was very important to me and I wanted a surgeon who understood my goals. Not only did he know what I envisioned he was showed me his recent work with women who were my body type and had the same size silicone implant I was considering and it was amazing. I had no idea “fake” breasts could look so natural (if nature made perfect breasts that is). If you do your research you’ll know why it’s important to see your particular body type to really decide on the size but Dr. Donaldson will not suggest something that won’t “fit” with your body anyhow. I made my surgery appointment immediately after our consultation and the cost was about what I expected and competitive with the other surgeons I had met. I also want to add that I had the usual nervousness about a month before and e-mailed him a couple questions. He not only e-mailed me back THAT DAY he called me that evening as well. I ended up going back in to go over everything again and both him and his nurse answered every single question I had (which was a lot) and never rushed me in any way. They encourage patients to ask questions because they really want you to be informed and at ease. Great bedside manner, easy to talk to, attentive and incredibly skilled. What more do you need from your surgeon?

Member Comments:

On the day of surgery I was understandably nervous. I’ve never had any kind of surgery, let alone general anesthesia and Dr. Donaldson and his nurse Bobbie, both stopped in pre-op to answer any questions and reassure me. I went in to the operating room, laid down on the table and an hour or so later I woke up in post-op. I had 339cc silicone implants placed under my muscle with crease incisions. The whole thing, from check-in to walking out took about 3 hours. Not bad. My recovery was remarkably smooth. Both the doctor and his nurse called me that evening to make sure I was feeling OK and to see if I had any concerns. I didn’t require anything stronger than Tylenol by the second day and was basically back to all my normal activities within 4-5 days. I have two toddlers I stay home with so “normal” means going non-stop. When I tell people I’ve had a breast augmentation they are amazed. They look THAT good! ( For ex: 10 days after my BA I was out for St. Patty’s with a basic white t-shirt on and several girls commented on how nice my breasts were. Yes it was St. Patty’s and girls tend to be comfortable commenting on these things when they are drinking 🙂 I happily told them they were “new” and they were shocked because they didn’t “look fake”). From all the research I’ve done I can tell you that my recovery has been exceptional. It’s been a month and I love my breasts more everyday. They look incredibly natural, proportional and perfect. I love them so much I don’t mind telling people I’ve had a BA because Dr. Donaldson and Bobbie (his nurse – and those two are definitely a team) deserve all the credit. He’s an artist. Not only did he know exactly what I was looking for, he was able to give me the breasts I’ve been dreaming of since I was 17. I’m a fan for life. I’m even having Botox injections at his office next week. If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon you will not find anyone better. Period.

*Earned by Dr. Donaldson