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DPS Launches the World’s First Patient-Submitted Selfie Gallery

October 2, 2014

Patient Selfie Photo Gallery Columbus Ohio - Donaldson Plastic SurgeryWhen you look and feel your best, you are empowered by your appearance. Many of our patients recover from plastic surgery and tell us that they feel at the top of their game, and eager to express themselves. They travel, play sports, go out on dates, dance with friends and stir things up a bit! They are more confident than ever before, they love their results, and they don’t mind sharing a little… That’s why DPS decided to create the world’s first patient-submitted selfie photo page. It is an online forum for patients to share and admire beautiful results after having surgery with Dr. Donaldson. These are photos voluntarily taken by patients themselves, and submitted to DPS with express permission for website publication.

When you browse through this patient-submitted gallery you will see selfies that confidently exude both inner and outer beauty. They aren’t clinical photos that focus on anatomy or surgical sites; they are action photos of people enjoying life with their new look!

We encourage you to explore the new Selfie Page, and to imagine how your own results might look. Images speak louder than words, and these photos give you a real-world sense of our patients’ satisfaction.

If you have already had a procedure at Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we encourage you to submit a selfie to share how good you look and feel. They should be tasteful, and not include other people unless they give permission as well. Whenever you are ready, simply e-mail them to Show the world your amazing results, and inspire others to do something great for themselves!

*Earned by Dr. Donaldson