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WCMH-TV4 November 20, 2012

January 8, 2013

As a Columbus, Ohio, plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson meets patients that need his help after losing dramatic amounts of weight. While liposuction is one of the most popular procedures he offers, Dr. Donaldson consults with patients looking into a wide variety of procedures involving plastic surgery. Columbus, Ohio, native Ed Davenport was one of those patients. After losing 315 pounds through diet and exercise, Ed turned to Dr. Donaldson for body lift surgery to help remove excess skin and fat from his body.

The dramatic transformation took discipline and strength. Ed weighed 560 pounds at his heaviest. His weight was the result of a food addiction. Ed would sometimes eat close to 8000 calories a day. Many of his friends and family members expressed their concern that he would eat himself to death. His doctor warned that his Type 2 diabetes and liver damage could send him to an early grave. Ed managed his weight loss the old-fashioned way, through a healthy diet and exercise. He unloaded all of the junk food out of his house and only stocked his cupboards and refrigerator with healthy foods. He also started aquatic therapy. After 17 successful months, he added weight training to his routine. He lost 315 pounds but was left with sagging skin on various areas of his body.

Dr. Donaldson performed a full body lift. The procedure was essentially an extended tummy tuck, removing skin from the back, buttocks, and around the abdomen. He removed over 20 pounds of skin and fat from Ed’s body. Now, he can truly enjoy the hard work he’s put into turning his life around. While he will still require knee surgery because of damage suffered prior to losing the weight, his diabetes is in remission and he feels great!

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