It is tempting to squeeze into one of the more recent iterations of high-fashion “shapewear” and avoid the anatomy of the underlying problem of the belly. As recently noted in the Wall Street Journal, this approach has clear drawbacks:

As men and women age, the cycles of weight loss and gain, exercise success and failure, pregnancy, dietary and nutritional changes and genetic influences tend to distort the abdomen. The skin may stretch, fat may accumulate and the muscles may thin and spread apart. Routine
surgical procedures such as hernia repairs, c-sections and appendix removals can also contribute to these changes. The safest, most attractive and durable treatment for this common set of concerns is the Tummy Tuck. Columbus, Ohio plastic surgeon Jeffrey Donaldson addresses each aspect of the tummy tuck with equal care. First, he removes the loose, wrinkled, stretched skin to ensure a smoother, tighter appearance. He then removes any extra fat, including the “love handles” on the flanks. Finally, he cinches in the muscles to better define the “six-pack” and eliminate any bulging from muscle spread. If the belly button has been misshapen over time, Dr. Donaldson will revise it to be smaller, more vertical, and youthful in appearance.

The resulting scar should be as small, thin and unnoticeable as possible. Dr. Donaldson works with each of his patients to understand where they want the scar positioned — usually just under the bikini line to accommodate low-rise jeans, underwear and swimsuits.

In Columbus, Ohio, tummy tuck surgery is often considered an integral part of a complete “mommy makeover” at Donaldson Plastic Surgery. Dr. Donaldson has experience and an eye for detail when it comes to this important cosmetic procedure.

Tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift (with or without breast augmentation) are all considered part of a mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover Columbus OhioPregnancy and breastfeeding lead to very predictable physical changes for many women: abdominal bulging, belly button distortion, stretch marks, love handles and deflated breasts. The mommy makeover treats each of these problem areas. The tummy tuck flattens the abdominal bulge and allows the “six-pack” to emerge. It also refines the belly button into a more attractive shape and position, and it eliminates all stretch marks that occur between the belly button and the pubic area. Liposuction removes the love handles and provides a more feminine, curvy “hourglass” shape above the hips. The breast lift elevates sagging nipples and skin, and is often combined with breast augmentation using implants to create more fullness and cleavage.

You’ve put so much into your children that it’s often difficult to find time for yourself. Good nutrition and regular exercise are important, but they usually don’t fully correct the bulging, sagging and stretching — these corrections require plastic surgery. Mommy Makeover procedures are safe and very effective for restoring pre-pregnancy contours; they can be done separately, or at the same time in one operation. You should wait at least six months between your last pregnancy or breastfeeding and your surgery date, and if you become pregnant again after surgery, you might need a touch-up.

mommy makeover in Columbus' Capital Style
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Columbus, Ohio women seek Dr. Donaldson’s advice about how to restore their bodies after having children. It is a team effort between patient and surgeon. Dr. Donaldson works one on one with you, listening to your goals and discussing your concerns. Together, you will develop a personalized plan to give you the body you’re ready to reclaim. Visit Donaldson Plastic Surgery, Columbus, OH, for the latest techniques and beautiful, natural results.

Watch Dr. Donaldson’s interview on WCMH Columbus on Reconstructive Tummy Tuck surgery.

Tummy Tuck Back Pain - Donaldson Plastic SurgeryTummy tuck operations are first and foremost cosmetic procedures, but many patients have reported relief from back pain as a side effect of the surgery. As a result, many patients are seeking out the procedure primarily as a way to relieve back pain. While many patients do experience pain relief after the surgery, it’s important for patients to rule out other causes first. This may include consultations with primary care medicine, sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, neurology and/or neurosurgery to determine whether an anatomic back problem exists or a tummy tuck is the most appropriate form of treatment.

How Can a Tummy Tuck Improve Back Pain?

When a woman gives birth, the muscles in her abdominal wall are stretched and separated, causing a “diastasis.” This leads to a lack of core support for the back, a problem that’s frequently seen among women who have had multiple pregnancies or people who have experienced significant changes in weight. Unfortunately, those muscles can’t re-align themselves; a tummy tuck surgery with diastasis repair is the only way to “re-tighten” them. Though no doctor can guarantee that the surgery will relieve back pain, some patients do experience improved core strength and pain relief.

Other Treatment Options

While tummy tucks provide some patients with relief, it’s important to remember that it’s a cosmetic procedure and will rarely be the first recommended treatment option. Many patients experience back pain caused by pinched nerves, herniated discs, or spinal damage; in these cases, a tummy tuck may actually make pain worse without addressing the cause. Dr. Donaldson encourages patients to speak with other medical specialists first to determine the cause of the pain. Conservative, non-surgical treatment may be preferable.

When patients have exhausted other surgical and non-surgical options, and back pain persists, it’s possible they may benefit from a tummy tuck procedure. Dr. Donaldson works closely with each patient to determine the best course of treatment based on their current health, medical history, and lifestyle. Learn more about the results of tummy tucks and contact our office at (614) 442-7610 to schedule an appointment.

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