What does “dual plane” mean?

Dual-plane breast augmentation refers to the placement of a breast implant in a specific anatomic position — partly behind the pectoralis muscle, and partly behind breast tissue.  The layers of the breast, from external to internal, are skin, breast tissue, pectoralis muscle and ribs.  Plastic surgeons have debated the best plane for implant placement over many decades — some preferring placement between the breast tissue and the muscle (the “subglandular plane”), and others preferring placement between the muscle and the chest wall (the “submuscular plane”).  There are advantages and disadvantages to each.  The “dual plane” was first described by Dr. John Tebbets in 2001 as a way to combine the advantages of both.

What is a Dual Plane Breast Augmentation?

A Closer Look At The Dual-Plane Breast Augmentation process

In the dual plane approach, the lower origin of the pectoralis muscle is detached from the chest wall and separated from the lower part of the breast tissue.  This allows the muscle to slide upward slightly.  When the implant is placed, the upper portion is covered by muscle and breast tissue, while the lower portion is covered by breast tissue alone.  The upper muscle coverage of the implant reduces the risk of rippling and implant visibility in the upper part of the breast, capsular contracture, and disruption of cleavage (synmastia), while improving mammography accuracy.  At the same time, the lower part of the breast implant that is covered by breast tissue benefits from a smoother implant-breast transition, enhanced shape, and a more natural look and feel.

Consultation to discuss the dual plane technique breast augmentation

The Benefits of the Dual Plane Method

The dual plane technique comes in very handy in cases of breast deflation with ptosis (sagging), which occurs after having children, breastfeeding, losing weight, or naturally with time.  In these cases, a dual plane allows the implant to be placed slightly lower to fill the lower pole of the breast and give a lifted appearance during breast augmentation.  This does not replace the need for breast lifting (mastopexy) in moderate to severe cases, but it does occasionally prevent the need for lifting in more mild cases.

Why We Use This Method At Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Drs. Donaldson and Sieffert prefer dual plane breast augmentation for all of the benefits mentioned here.  At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, our patients consistently comment on how proportionate and natural their results look, and how quickly they recover with minimal pain.  We’ve used the dual plane approach to help over a thousand patients achieve their goals — safely, predictably and beautifully!

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We are facing an unprecedented event in our history with the arrival and spread of COVID-19. As a result of this virus, access to medical services has been limited by social distancing requirements. In response to these changes, and for a desire to restore some sense of normalcy to our patients, the aesthetic professionals at Donaldson Plastic Surgery have turned to telemedicine as an alternative to traditional in-office consultations. We want you to know it is OK during these tough times to consider aesthetic services, both surgical and non-surgical, and that we are here to answer your questions and keep you feeling your best!

I scheduled my virtual consult. Now What?

So, you have reached out and scheduled a virtual consultation with Dr. Donaldson or Dr. Sieffert. What else do you have to do to get ready? Firstly, we ask that you fill out our standard medical intake forms as instructed in your welcome email (be as thorough as possible). Secondly, you will submit a series of photographs to help your Donaldson Plastic Surgery provider create an individualized plan just for you!

 In order to ensure that your consultation goes smoothly, we ask that you submit your photos through our HIPAA compliant platform, TouchMD. Soon after scheduling, you will receive a welcome email from TouchMD which includes a link to create a profile, and instructions to download the MyTouchMD application.  This will enable you to submit the photos used for your appointment. The photo submission button can be found by clicking the menu button on the top right of the MyTouchMD app. We ask that you complete these submissions 48 hours in advance so that we have time to prepare for your consultation.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Sieffert has created this handy photo guide to assist you in taking quality photographs for your virtual consultation. These photos are best captured using your smart phone or digital camera.

How to Take Your Photos:

  1. Find a place in your home that is well lit with either direct or indirect sunlight.
  2. Find a place in your home with a plain background (no wallpaper or props).
  3. Set your camera or phone up about 3 feet away from you.
  4. Set your camera at the same vertical level as the body part you are photographing.
  5. Use your camera’s “timer mode”, OR have a friend or family member help take your photos.
  6. Make sure the body part(s) in question are fully exposed and visible.  You may keep adjacent body parts covered.
  7. Make sure your photographs are well centered and well lit, are not blurry, and capture the appropriate body part(s) fully. 
  8. Take a series of photos from the following angles, based on which parts of the body you intend to discuss:

Face, Eyelids, Nose, and Neck

Use these angles if you are discussing any of the following treatments: face lift, neck lift, eyelid surgery, chin surgery, otoplasty, earlobe repair, fat transfer to the face, brow lift, rhinoplasty, laser treatments, Botox, fillers, Kybella, facial reconstruction, or any other treatment related to the face or neck.

Breast and Abdomen

Use these angles if you are discussing any of the following treatments: breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, inverted nipple surgery, nipple reduction, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, liposuction, body lift, gynecomastia surgery, male breast reduction, CoolSculpting, CoolTone, or any other treatment related to the breast or body.


Use these angles if you are discussing any of the following treatments: arm lift, liposuction, laser treatments, CoolSculpting, or any other treatment related to the arms and upper back.

Thighs and Buttocks

Use these angles if you are discussing any of the following treatments: thigh lift, liposuction, labiaplasty, spider vein removal, CoolSculpting, CoolTone, laser hair removal, or any other treatment related to the thighs or buttocks.

How to submit your photos:

The photo submission button can be found by clicking the menu button on the top right of the MyTouchMD app. We ask that you complete these submissions 48 hours in advance so that we have time to prepare for your consultation.

Have questions?

We are here for you! The team at Donaldson Plastic Surgery is just one quick phone call or email away. You can call 614-442-7610 or email info@donaldsonplasticsurgery.com to speak to our dedicated staff about any questions you may have leading up to your virtual consult.

We look forward to helping you become your very best version of you!

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The world may have slowed down, but even in these difficult and unconventional times, you still have your own ambitions and vision for yourself. Donaldson Plastic Surgery has long been an advocate for personal growth and comfort, which is why we have expanded our service offerings to include secure, one-on-one virtual consultations.

Stay at Home orders have been issued, but that doesn’t mean your personal journey has to come to a halt. In fact, you can use this down time to consult with a world-class plastic surgeon, ask any questions you may have and further understand all of your options before finalizing an official date for your procedure. 

What Is A Virtual Consultation & What Does It Look Like?

A Donaldson Plastic Surgery virtual consultation is a completely remote method of connecting patients with our providers to discuss surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. The virtual consultation format contains all of the components of an in-person consultation, including a discussion of your wants, needs and goals, along with a thorough explanation of your treatment options, the viewing before and after photos and a comprehensive walk-through of information related to scheduling and financing

Virtual consultations are a completely discreet and secure way to discuss any concerns you may have with a trusted and highly-trained plastic surgeon. You will have a fully-clothed, one-on-one conversation with your surgeon, where you will collaborate to design a plan that is just right for you and your vision. 

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How Our Virtual Consultation Process Works 

The Highlights: 

  1. Contact Us 
  2. We send along a GoToMeeting invitation 
  3. You complete your virtual paperwork 
  4. We call you at the time of your virtual visit 
  5. Our Patient Experience Director will follow up with financial & scheduling options 

The Details: 

Everything begins when you submit a request to schedule your virtual consultation – you can also reach us directly by phone at 614-442-7610. Our team will, then, reach out within one business day to answer any questions you might have and to schedule your virtual consultation. You will receive a welcome email that includes an invite for your virtual consultation using GoToMeeting, a secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform. You will then receive a separate email prompting you to fill out and submit virtual paperwork prior to your consultation, as well as any pictures you wish to include.

On the day of your consultation, you will receive a video conference call inviting you to connect with your provider – and the virtual consult will begin! Make sure you are in a secluded space where you can discuss information freely with your provider.  Like an in-person visit, we encourage you to bring any and all questions for your provider to discuss during the virtual consultation.

After your video chat, you will receive a call from our Patient Experience Director Carrie, who will provide an exact quote for the procedure(s) you discuss, as well as financing options and payment plans. She will also talk to you about the process of scheduling your surgery and answer any other questions you might have. Depending on your consultation, we may set up a time for you to come into the office for a second consultation prior to your procedure to complete your surgical plan.

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From The Professionals: What Are The Benefits of a Virtual Consultation? 

Dr. Donaldson

Our patients include mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, all with loved ones they care about protecting and keeping safe from COVID-19. It’s our duty as healthcare providers to adapt to a new way of conducting operations and provide the best possible patient care with the tools available to us.

Our virtual consultations allow us to connect with patients in a sophisticated way, and provide a treatment plan as if the consultation was in-person. Above all else, we want our patients to know they have a safe place to turn when it comes to discussing their aesthetic options.

Dr. Sieffert

Performing virtual consultations allows us to be more accessible resources to our community. Especially in times of turmoil, it is important for patients to make educated and sound decisions about their bodies. Even in the midst of COVID-19, the needs of our patients do not dissipate.

We are offering virtual consultations because we want to be able to help educate our patients about their bodies and the changes they are going through, and to remind them that they are not alone. It is our privilege to walk this path together with you.


During the COVID-19 stay home order, I am offering complimentary virtual skin care consultations and analyses for any patient at home wanting to maintain or improve their skin.

At-home skin care is incredibly important during this stressful time, so it is my mission that patients know how to take the best care of themselves. I can show you which products to use, how to use them, and give in-depth explanations of the science of your skin issues to tackle them at the root. My patients are important to me, which is why I would like to offer my expertise to those at home.

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Ready to discuss your personal goals with Columbus, Ohio’s top plastic surgeons and leading medical aesthetician? We’re here to make your vision a virtual reality – and it all starts when you send us the first message.

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5 Signs You Could Benefit From Breast Reduction - Columbus, OH - Donaldson Plastic Surgery

Bigger is not always better when it comes to breast size. Many women who have large breasts consider breast reduction surgery because of back pain, difficulty finding clothes that fit, and overall discomfort. Those who are bothered by the size of their breasts should consider these five signs that it might be time to think about a reduction.

1. Severe Back Pain

Excess weight on the chest pulls shoulders forward, compressing nerve fibers in the back and causing serious pain. Some women also have headaches, shoulder pain, arm numbness, and nerve damage. The larger the breasts, the more pressure that is put on this area. With age, these effects also tend to increase.

2. Skin Rashes

With physical activity, sweat and dirt are easily trapped under the breasts, irritating the delicate skin in that area. This can lead to an itchy, painful red rash that often becomes chronic.

3. Trouble Breathing, Especially During Activity

The weight of large breasts can make breathing a challenge, particularly for women who are back sleepers. This, in turn, makes it more difficult for women with large breasts to exercise and maintain a healthy weight. Challenges are often experienced during activities like running, aerobics, yoga, swimming, and team sports. While there are sports bras designed to support large breasts for physical activities like these, they are often costly and difficult to find.

4. Shoulder Disfigurement

Over time, women with large breasts may develop permanent grooves in the shoulders caused by bra straps pulled downward by the weight. Other women find that they become hunched over and are unable to maintain healthy posture because of their breasts.

5. Clothing Difficulties

Shopping for flattering apparel can be challenging for women with large breasts, especially when it comes to functional items like swimsuits. Many women also feel uncomfortable in clothing that emphasizes the breasts, and they may be concerned about unwanted attention. Self-consciousness is often compounded when large breasts are sagging or asymmetrical.

If these issues sound familiar, Dr. Jeffrey H. Donaldson offers breast reduction surgery that is catered to your body and your personal goals. Women can explore video reviews from others who have had this procedure. Our caring, professional staff is committed to the privacy, comfort, safety, and thorough satisfaction of our patients. Call our Columbus office today at 614-442-7610.

New Year, New You? How to Know You’re Ready for Plastic Surgery

Happy 2018! There’s nothing like a new year to get you excited about all the new opportunities that will come your way!

As you start planning for the new year (and maybe make a resolution or two), you might ask yourself, “Is this the year I’m finally going to pursue plastic surgery?” Chances are you’ve been thinking about it for a while but never felt like the timing was right. So how do you know if now is the right time?

Here are a few signs that can help you identify if you’re ready to move forward with surgery.

You’re doing it for yourself

Anytime you are making a decision about how you look, it is so important that it comes from an inner desire to boost your confidence and feel good about yourself. Maybe you’ve never liked the shape of your nose, or perhaps your face is starting to age and you want to restore some of your youthful glow.

Just remember — no one should ever make you feel like you have to change something about your appearance. If you can truly say that you are doing this for you and no one else, that’s when you know that you are ready to go on this journey.

You’ve done your homework

The decision to have plastic surgery is a big one. Before you ever make an appointment, spend some time doing a little research. A good place to start is learning the basics of the procedure you’re interested in — Who is a good candidate for this particular surgery? What does the procedure entail? How long will it take to recover?

Once you have an idea of what to expect, the next thing on your list is researching local surgeons. Find out who performs plastic surgery in your area and in what procedures they specialize in. And don’t forget to vet their credentials — Are they board certified? How long have they been in practice? Do they have good reviews from former patients?

Lastly, you should be well informed about the potential risks and complications associated with the surgery. All surgeries, even small procedures, have risks. Being aware of these risks will help you know what you can do to reduce them and better prepare for the procedure.

If you’ve done your homework and feel confident that this is something you want to do, that’s a great sign you’re ready for the procedure.

The decision to have plastic surgery is a big one. Before you ever make an appointment, spend some time doing a little research.

You have time to recover

The required downtime varies from procedure to procedure, and everyone heals a little bit differently. But generally speaking, you’ll need at least a week off from your daily routine to rest. That means taking time off from work, skipping your morning workout and dialing back on social outings. The only thing on your schedule should be spending some quality time with your bed, resting. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. When you have a full-time job with a busy schedule, taking a week off might not always be possible.

Part of planning for plastic surgery is planning for the recovery. Do you have some flexibility with your schedule or have vacation days saved up that you can use? If your answer to that question is “yes,” you can check that off your list!

You have a support system in place

This goes along with your recovery. After the surgery, you’re going to need a little help taking care of yourself. Having a strong support system of friends and family in place is absolutely essential to ensuring a smooth recovery. You will need someone to drive you home from the surgery center the day of the procedure, as well as someone to stay with you that night and make sure you have everything you need. And that’s just the first day!

As you continue to rest, you might need someone to run little errands for you, help out around the house and get the kids to and from school. Not to mention, you could use a little companionship while you’re stuck at home. If you have family and friends around you who support your decision to have surgery and are happy to help during the recovery period, that’s further proof that you are ready to do this.

Now that you’ve decided that you are ready for plastic surgery, it’s time to schedule a consultation! Dr. Donaldson would be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs, answer any questions you have and map out a treatment plan that will get you the results you’re looking for. Make 2018 the year that you To schedule a consultation with Dr. Donaldson, call us at 614-442-7610 or email info@donaldsonplasticsurgery.com with the subject line “Consultation Request.” We look forward to seeing you!

Choosing the Right Size Breast Implant Size for Your Body & Lifestyle

For many women, the decision to get a breast augmentation is a process that requires several different factors before reaching the final decision. One such factor that is often quite difficult is choosing the right size — not too large, not too small — for the implants. We know that breast size affects many aspects of a woman’s life, including her relationships, social interactions and overall physical well-being. We want to make sure that patients have the resources and guidance to choose the perfect implant size!

Here are some of the most important factors to consider and discuss with your surgeon before settling on what implant size to choose for your breast augmentation.

Body Measurements

We all know that bra cups are typically sized in A, B, C and up, but implants are measured in cubic centimeters — cc for short. For approximately every 150 to 200 ccs, the breasts will usually increase about one or one and a half cup sizes. That can vary a bit depending on your specific measurements and even the bra manufacturer, but it gives you an idea! You can always try on different sizes with specialized bras during your consultation to see how the implants look and feel on your body.

With such a large range of sizes, it’s important to realize that not every woman’s body type and breasts will be able to handle implants higher up on the scale. Your body type, including the width of your natural breasts and shape and size of the chest wall, will factor into the ideal size of implant to create the desired fullness, shape, and profile.

Your body type, including the width of your natural breasts and shape and size of the chest wall, will factor into the ideal size of implant to create the desired fullness, shape, and profile.

Body Shape & Frame

It should come as no surprise that larger breasts, whether natural or augmented, are heavy. This can take a toll on a woman’s entire body. Women with larger frames and/or stronger muscles are best equipped to handle large breast implants, but even they can be susceptible to issues. Choosing a too-large breast implant size can lead to fatigue, back and shoulder pain, and potentially even the need for a breast reduction.

Depending on your frame, a high, moderate, or low profile may work best. For those with a small frame, a high profile may be ideal because this option has a narrower width. While a low volume option may work for those with broad shoulders and a larger frame to create an even proportion.

Lifestyle Factors

Now that we have covered several body-related factors to consider, it’s time to talk about lifestyle. For active women, athletes, or women with more physically demanding jobs, larger breast implants may not be ideal. It’s simple: the larger the breasts, the more tiresome and potentially painful it will be to carry the extra weight while working, running, lifting weights or playing a sport.

It’s also important for you to think about what kinds of clothing you normally like to wear, and if those items will be compatible with larger breast implant sizes. Augmentation will certainly affect how shirts, bras, swimsuit tops, and dresses fit, and additional procedures like lifts or reconstructions will affect things even further.

There’s a lot to think about when deciding on breast implant sizes! If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery and wondering if it’s right for you, we would love to see you at Donaldson Plastic Surgery. Dr. Donaldson will perform a personalized consultation that takes into account your specific anatomy and the results you’re looking for. He and his surgical assistant, Bobbie, will work with you to determine the best option according to your body shape. Call today to schedule a consultation and we can help make sure that you get the best results from your breast augmentation surgery.

Spring Fling

At Donaldson Plastic Surgery we are getting ready for Spring! To help you prepare for warmer weather, we have 3 Special Offers:

1. $25 OFF a SkinMedica Vitalize or Rejuvenize Peel
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For more information or to schedule an appointment for your complimentary Skin Care evaluation, call our Medical Aesthetician, Sommer, at 614-442-7610.

*Offer expires May 31, 2013.

At 19, Tarah Carr had it all. She recently married her high school sweetheart, Adam, a U.S. Army Green Beret, and gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy, Noah. By her own admission, she should have been happy. Instead, she felt very self-conscious. At 5’2, Carr weighed 162 pounds.

With her husband routinely traveling for work, she sunk into spiraling depression. She rarely left the house. It was time for a change. It was time for a mommy makeover. Through diet and exercise, she lost 49Ibs in 90 days dropping from a size 14 to 3.* Her confidence sizzled, and yet she had come as far as she could on her own. It was time for the finishing touches and she called the office of Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson, a Columbus, Ohio plastic surgeon.

In her blog Tarah openly discusses why she flew from her home in Japan to Donaldson Plastic Surgery to get a breast augmentation with silicone implants, a mastopexy (breast lift) and an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). She notes that he publishes scholarly articles, completed prestigious fellowship programs, teaches medical students, serves as media consultant for top news programs, and even played college football. Tarah wanted the best possible surgeon and outcome, and she felt that selecting Dr. Donaldson was an easy choice.

Today, at 105Ibs, Tarah is a size 00, and is featured on numerous successful workout video series. Her newfound confidence and look has also led to magazine features and infomercials. She credits most of her success to hard work and a little help from her favorite plastic surgeon: Dr. Donaldson!

“This was a personal decision.” Tarah summarized, “ A cosmetic decision. A confidence decision. One of the best one’s I’ve ever made.”


**Note: Patient results will vary. All of the above claims are based on the accounts of this specific patient and their mommy makeover experience, before and after the surgery.  Testimonials or statements made by any person(s) within this site are not intended guarantee outcomes.


Small Breast ImplantsSome women want larger breasts, while others would prefer to simply improve their shape. The latter prioritize cleavage over cup size. For these women and others like them, getting small breast implants is a great way to finally have cleavage while also maintaining their current body type.

Small breast implants are not at all uncommon. In fact, many celebrities, businesswomen, models and moms have elected to get smaller implants in order to maintain a very natural look that is proportionate to their bodies.

When choosing breast implants, patients should try to think in terms of shape instead of volume.  During consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, measurements such as breast width and height, nipple position and inframammary crease location will be considered. The surgeon will also assess the shoulder-chest-waist-hip proportions, as well as height and overall body type (e.g., athletic) to help determine the best implant size for achieving the desired look.

Ultimately, small breast implants are a great choice for people who would like to augment their busts while also maintaining a natural look. Through an analysis of body dimensions, surgeons can recommend implant sizes that will allow patients to accomplish this goal. So, if you are interested in breast implants, you can stop focusing on cup size, start imagining your ideal shape, and visit a plastic surgeon!


009145-1__Once someone has decided to move forward with an elective procedure, it can be difficult to discuss these plans with family members. A patient might be especially concerned about how children will react to this news. Learn tips for discussing plastic surgery with kids.

As tempting as it can be to hide surgical plans, communication between parents and children about this subject is vital and important. Patients should provide an explanation that fits the age and maturity level of each child. Younger kids need fewer details, but older children can understand a more candid discussion about plastic surgery.

It’s a good idea for adults to focus the discussion on a desire to feel comfortable and happy with one’s physical appearance. It’s not always possible to achieve effective results just by diet and exercise alone. Sometimes, a little surgical help is warranted. Patients should avoid saying anything that could potentially lead children to feel responsible for undesired physical characteristics, such as abdominal contours resulting from pregnancy or breast changes due to breastfeeding. Make sure that children know that parenthood and the creation of a family are far more important than any bodily issues connected with childbearing.

When discussing plastic surgery with young girls and boys, patients should pay special attention to sensitive self-image and self-esteem topics. Focus on the fact that the procedure is not a requirement for self-esteem. Rather, surgery is an elective procedure that helps the patient to feel as positive as possible about particular physical characteristics, and to be comfortable in one’s own skin.

Depending on the sensibilities of the family, it may be helpful to contrast the procedure with other aesthetic choices including makeup, hairstyling, fashion, piercings, nail painting, teeth whitening, and tattoos. Adults have a wide range of cosmetic options that are not options for children. These choices can help adults express themselves and shape how they are perceived by others.

By exploring the procedure and details candidly with children, responsible adults can prepare them for the process and the outcome.

*Earned by Dr. Donaldson