There are places that offer controversial fat removal treatments in Columbus, Ohio: mesotherapy. This is also called injection lipolysis — it is the injection of chemicals under the skin in an attempt to dissolve body fat.

Dr. Donaldson does not offer or recommend mesotherapy because it is not regulated by the FDA, not endorsed by major American medical societies, and not proven to be safe in Level-I evidence medical literature. image-mesotherapy-blogThere is no standard formulation for which chemicals are used, how they are mixed, and what constitutes effective quantities. It it still unknown where the fat goes after it dissolves, how it affects the liver and kidneys over time, and what the side effects of the chemicals and dissolved fat might include.

On July 1st, 2008, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons published a policy statement with guiding principles on mesotherapy for physicians: ASPS mesotherapy statement.

This provides a good overview on the risks and controversies from the world’s largest plastic surgery organization.

For patients interested in mesotherapy, Columbus, Ohio, surgeon Dr. Donaldson recommends liposuction or other types of cosmetic surgery instead. These techniques are generally safer, more effective, better studied and more tightly regulated than injection lipolysis.

Tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift (with or without breast augmentation) are all considered part of a mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover Columbus OhioPregnancy and breastfeeding lead to very predictable physical changes for many women: abdominal bulging, belly button distortion, stretch marks, love handles and deflated breasts. The mommy makeover treats each of these problem areas. The tummy tuck flattens the abdominal bulge and allows the “six-pack” to emerge. It also refines the belly button into a more attractive shape and position, and it eliminates all stretch marks that occur between the belly button and the pubic area. Liposuction removes the love handles and provides a more feminine, curvy “hourglass” shape above the hips. The breast lift elevates sagging nipples and skin, and is often combined with breast augmentation using implants to create more fullness and cleavage.

You’ve put so much into your children that it’s often difficult to find time for yourself. Good nutrition and regular exercise are important, but they usually don’t fully correct the bulging, sagging and stretching — these corrections require plastic surgery. Mommy Makeover procedures are safe and very effective for restoring pre-pregnancy contours; they can be done separately, or at the same time in one operation. You should wait at least six months between your last pregnancy or breastfeeding and your surgery date, and if you become pregnant again after surgery, you might need a touch-up.

mommy makeover in Columbus' Capital Style
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Columbus, Ohio women seek Dr. Donaldson’s advice about how to restore their bodies after having children. It is a team effort between patient and surgeon. Dr. Donaldson works one on one with you, listening to your goals and discussing your concerns. Together, you will develop a personalized plan to give you the body you’re ready to reclaim. Visit Donaldson Plastic Surgery, Columbus, OH, for the latest techniques and beautiful, natural results.

Weight Gain Liposuction Columbus, OH - Donaldson Plastic SurgeryLiposuction involves the removal of fat from specific regions of the body through tiny incisions. After surgery, patients are told exactly how much fat the surgeon removed, and they can see which parts of the body are most improved. Patients who do not simultaneously consider their diet and activity levels however, might find it hard to keep from regaining pounds after this operation. Because it’s common for the returning weight to appear more diffusely throughout the body, patients must play an active role in their own recovery.

Fat cells do not multiply in adults—they simply get bigger or smaller according to weight gain and loss. After fat cells are removed via liposuction, these areas are permanently flatter because there are fewer cells to expand and contract. In a typical procedure, many of the fat cells that were once in the abdomen, hips, or thighs are gone. If a patient gains some weight after liposuction, this new weight will accumulate more uniformly across the whole body so that the liposuction areas are more proportionately affected.

Patients may notice weight gain most in new areas such as the face, arms, back, or chest since the post-surgical sites are better-contoured. In contrast, if the same person gained weight before surgery, the fat would have disproportionately accumulated in the problem areas. While some patients may not object to more fullness in the face, buttocks or breasts, most do not want to regain the fat. Ultimately, liposuction is intended to be a targeted contouring strategy, and it is up to patients to control their weight.

Ideal candidates for liposuction have responsible eating habits, exercise regularly, and have specific anatomic areas that are full of fat. Once the fat is removed, these patients find long-lasting improvement in their shape and contour regardless of whether they add a few pounds in the future.

iStock_000016567951SmallAdvancing age or excess weight can result in people feeling dissatisfied with the appearance of the neck. Demand has driven innovation in the plastic surgery field, and now there are three reliable and permanent treatment options for neck fat, and some are even non-invasive.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently approved Kybella to reduce fat in the neck. This procedure involves multiple small injections of deoxycholic acid in targeted areas. Each series of injections constitutes a single treatment, and patients may need several treatments to see a complete result. A patient might experience temporary swelling, but the process is minimally-invasive, using only a very fine needle.


This treatment is the ideal choice for anyone with large deposits of fat in the neck region. The surgeon makes one small incision under the chin and inserts a thin suction cannula into the fatty layer to physically remove excess fat cells. This process can remove a large amount of fat in a single comprehensive treatment; however, it is slightly more invasive and patients will recover with bruising and swelling over several days.


Coolsculpting is a completely nonsurgical, non-invasive procedure that also permanently removes fat from the neck. The Coolsculpting applicator targets discreet, focal fat deposits by drawing them into a vacuum and freezing them for one hour. Results from this treatment are apparent within one to two months. Only 20-25% percent of the fat is removed during a single treatment, so while the recovery is shorter than other methods (zero, actually) the results may take longer to see.

Patients should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to choose the neck fat treatment that best fits their individual needs and goals.

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