The first decision in breast augmentation is where to place the incision. How long will it be? Will it show?

One option is to hide the incision in the fold beneath the breast. This location tends to blend in well over time, but the position must be precise so that it does not rise up onto the lower part of the breast or sink down to the upper part of the abdomen. It is easy to make this incision longer if necessary to accomodate a larger implant.

Another option is to place the incision along the curve of the nipple/areola, in a half-circle that hides between the lighter skin of the breast and the darker skin of the areola. This approach makes sense if changes in the shape of the areola are desired, a small “lift” is planned or the fold under the breast is too exposed. The length of incision is limited by the size of the areola.

Finally, for many women in Columbus, Ohio, breast augmentation is only desirable when there are no incisions on the breast at all. These patients opt to have their implants placed through the axilla or armpit. The small scar fades fast, and it is best for saline implants that are placed under the pectoralis muscle. It requires specialized endoscopic equipment and training to achieve optimal results.

Many surgeons learned one way to perform breast augmentation, and they still use the same incision every time. For breast augmentation, Columbus, Ohio surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson trained with leaders in the field nationwide, and he is comfortable offering each patient a personalized, customized approach. He will help you choose an incision that suits your individual needs and preferences.

breast implants, columbus, OHThere has been a great amount of study, speculation and debate about breast implants over the past decade. The most important questions: are they safe? What material is best? What size? What shape?

Safety: First and foremost, breast implants are safe. The FDA has approved both saline-filled implants and silicone implants for breast augmentation after considering a vast amount of scientific data, patient experiences and doctors’ statements. There is no increased risk for certain illnesses or cancer, although the surgery itself carries some risk of bleeding, infection and other complications.

Materials: Most breast implants in the United States have a very thin silicone shell — the difference is what’s inside. Some are filled with saline (salt water), and others are filled with silicone gel. Some surgeons feel strongly about using one style of implant every time; Dr. Donaldson offers both types of implants, as he believes there are specific reasons to choose one or the other to match each patient’s body type and goals during breast augmentation.

Columbus, Ohio patients recognize in a side-by-side comparison that silicone feels more natural than saline — one is like a water balloon, and the other is like a breast. But in certain circumstances — such as when the implant is placed behind the chest muscle or beneath a large amount of natural breast tissue — it is often quite difficult to tell the difference.

Size: The most frequent reason for re-operation after breast augmentation is to change the size. To avoid this dilemma, Dr. Donaldson works hard with his patients to determine their goals and expectations in advance. Each person is different: some want a discreet enhancement that is only obvious when naked or in a bathing suit, others want a maximum impact that is obvious even in winter clothes!

Implants are sized according to their volume, which is usually measured in cubic centimeters, or cc’s. The typical range from small to large is 150 to 500cc’s, although they are made even smaller and bigger when necessary for women in Columbus, Ohio. Breast augmentation measurements to consider also include projection (distance projecting outward from chest) and width (distance from side of chest to middle of chest). The shape and size of a person’s chest and torso help determine which implant measurements will ultimately provide the best fit.

Shape: “Teardrop” or “anatomical” shapes are available, but Dr. Donaldson generally prefers smooth, round implants because they have a pleasant appearance from every angle. Also, if they turn in place, they will still look the same!

The breast implant may be positioned beneath the pectoralis major muscle in the chest (subpectoral, or submuscular position), between the breast tissue and the muscle (subglandular, or pre-pectoral position), or in a “bi-planar” position which is a combination of the two. Also, the implant may be placed high in the chest, low, toward the sides or toward the middle.

It is important for a woman who is considering breast augmentation in Columbus, Ohio to carefully examine herself, and to think about where she desires more fullness, what amount of cleavage, possible improvements in symmetry from side to side. Dr. Donaldson considers this information essential to his discussions with patients about their goals and expectations, and he uses it to customize his decisions about implant position for each patient.

A decision to go above or below the muscle is often determined by several factors: the incision, the implant type, and the shape and quantity of natural breast tissue. If the incision is made in the armpit, the submuscular position is generally preferred because it is a simpler surgical plane. If the implant is filled with saline, the submuscular position may also be preferred to improve the natural feel and to disguise the edges. A large amount of natural breast tissue often makes a subglandular position desirable; whereas a breast that has dropped some from breastfeeding may respond well to a bi-planar position to encourage fullness toward the neckline. When augmentation is combined with a significant breast lifting procedure, it may be advantageous to protect the implant under an extra layer of muscle.

While some surgeons are only trained to place implants in one position, and others tend to fall into a rut using the same technique for every patient, Dr. Donaldson approaches each patient uniquely in Columbus, Ohio; breast augmentation results can vary remarkably depending upon the implant position.

I’d gained a lot of weight, then I lost a lot of weight, and I wasn’t happy with my breasts. I wanted to make myself feel better. My sister had a procedure done from Dr. Donaldson and she had a great experience. She loved Bobbie and the staff was all great, so I went into it knowing that it was going to be perfect. We had our consultation and within 2 weeks I had already scheduled my procedure and went ahead and had it done. We got there that day and I was all chipper and excited! I was nervous, but I knew it was going to be great because we already had everything, we met everybody. Bobbie was great, the nurse at the facility was great. I walked into my surgery, had it done, and the same day I was sitting up. Everything was perfect. I’m happy with my results. Everything has been great, with no problems at all, and it’s always nice to come see Bobbie and Dr. Donaldson.

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Small Breast ImplantsSome women want larger breasts, while others would prefer to simply improve their shape. The latter prioritize cleavage over cup size. For these women and others like them, getting small breast implants is a great way to finally have cleavage while also maintaining their current body type.

Small breast implants are not at all uncommon. In fact, many celebrities, businesswomen, models and moms have elected to get smaller implants in order to maintain a very natural look that is proportionate to their bodies.

When choosing breast implants, patients should try to think in terms of shape instead of volume.  During consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, measurements such as breast width and height, nipple position and inframammary crease location will be considered. The surgeon will also assess the shoulder-chest-waist-hip proportions, as well as height and overall body type (e.g., athletic) to help determine the best implant size for achieving the desired look.

Ultimately, small breast implants are a great choice for people who would like to augment their busts while also maintaining a natural look. Through an analysis of body dimensions, surgeons can recommend implant sizes that will allow patients to accomplish this goal. So, if you are interested in breast implants, you can stop focusing on cup size, start imagining your ideal shape, and visit a plastic surgeon!


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