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At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we are “moving the needle forward” with the latest innovation in dynamic facial filler.The RHA® Collection is only available in select practices with a reputation for providing exceptional patient treatment outcomes, and we are proud to be an exclusive provider of the RHA Collection. 


What Makes RHA Fillers Different?


RHA Before & Afters

What is RHA?

What is HA?

long HA chains are more flexible

The latest in HA innovation in the world. So

It has been active and popular in Europe since 2015 – new to the US


This is the solutoin – it fills a need for that patient that wants to look natural.

Less of an augmented look than others.

Comes down the science: the reason is because of the way that it is made (more natural less modified – every HA filler gets BDDE added, cross-linking/degree of modification. When yo uadd BDDE, it makes it more rigid on a molecular level, exuding a more severe and modified look. Has the LOWEST BDDE chemical concentration (betweeen 3% – 4% , others are 5% – 10%).

Less reliant on structure/rigidity, less pressure points, more flexibility, more able to move

Sreamlined in the engineering

What Are the Different Types of RHA fillers?

RHA 2 – properties – stretch and strength

only FDA approved filler for dynamic wrinkles and folds

a filler that can withstand and endure contant movement of stretch & rebound

that won’t break apart from movement – RHA is the stretchiest of the collection, placed in the most mobile, lateral cheek lines, lines around the lips – peri-oral lines

RHA 3 – “Utility filler” Utility = can be utilized in a lot of areas – more combination of stretch and dynamic strength. (withstand repetitive movements and pressures exerted from tissues and movements) – can be used all over – uncluding midface, nasolabial folds –

lower face is generally hard to treat – shines big time in the lower lines of the face. The marionette lines – when filer there, it tends to layer up because of all of the layering muscles. Mental crease is sometimes tough to treat because chin is actually very mobil

Oral commisures on the side of lips above the marianotte lines


radial or peri-oral lines – rasial cheek lines are on the outside

RHA 4 –

Deeper filler! Strongest product! A bit more robust to create streuctyre in areas that need it. Used in midface/cheeks big time, used off label in the jaw line. Category of

Above the muscle in the subcutaneous fat – NOT on the bone

If you bury the filler under the muscle and fat, it has to

Designed to look beautiful and soft volumization above the muscle.

You know where these fillers can be used, how they change the appearance, and how they balance out the face shape and all that good stuff. Absolutely OK, so as Joe mentioned, this is our first go at a virtual event so please bear with me if I’m a little click happy Ann. Just racing through things OK. So what you’re seeing in front of you now actually is different areas that we can treat with HRA. And really, the idea behind using facial filler is to restore loss volume. It’s not always to augment, and as Alexis touched on we do see some Hollywood types that are a little overdone. As a practice we are more conservative in the forefront in addressing those needs. And we also. Really just want to give back the idea of youth without overdoing it. This photo in front of you is going to show some different areas that are Jacob. You placed. We see that she’s had a little volume correction through the midface which will hear me talk a fair amount about tonight. And if you’ve seen me in the practice you heard me talk about that before. Smaller areas that we really couldn’t correct before with some of the other fillers. The older fillers of thicker fillers, the less stretchy fillers. Those dynamic lines that happen when we move our face were really able to kind of finesse and fine tune and get in there. Really, with the HRA product, so we see some correction through the nasal labial folds. The marionette lines really through the chin and lower face were were able to really address with this product, whereas before. Just didn’t have it in my toolkit. So we’ll see if we can advance through here. There we go. So what we have here actually is our first before and after, so this is going to show you a woman who’s had HRA filler placed. She has had her midface address, so we actually have added some volume here through the mid phase. You’ll notice what that has done to her under eyes has really brightened those up, but I really want you to focus on her marionette lines through here. Her nasolabial fold, through here, without actually adding to this. Area as far as filler, we’re able to pull back by providing a little more structure through the cheek area, and that really is the most important part when we are doing a holistic evaluation of the face is to really address the root cause of that kind of sagging skin rather than just addressing the effect of it. So on to this gentleman. In side-by-side doesn’t look amazingly different. When you first look at him, which I really like about this product, no one’s going to look at you and say, Oh my gosh, what did you do? No one should be able to tell that you’ve had anything done. So if we look at his nasal labial folds, he actually. We had a pretty serious full to start. They have really been lessened through here. He has had a little bit added to the midface and he also has had a little added down here in his marionette lines to kind of bring that shadow out. Again, not very much. These are the products really. 2, three and four that Alexis mentioned. 4 is really going to be more for that mid face. It’s a little more structured product. Three is going to give you a little more umph, but also move really well with your face. Two is going to be your lighter softer filler. I used that most often in lines that are a little more superficial and it’s always always my go to for lips. So this lady, I actually love this photo of her because she really looks so much younger. She again has had four added to the cheeks. Really has pulled back her nasal labial folds through here without actually having to add in. There has really brightened up her under eyes for the ladies that are here when you buy a makeup highlighter and you are highlighting this cheekbone area, the chin kind of through here, you’re creating another light source on your face, and that really is something that we can do with facial filler as well. So adding a little more structure through here, with the HRA four addressing her jawline with a little HRA four, and then coming in and filling some of these areas with that stretch here, three has really brightened up her entire face. It moves with her. She doesn’t look overdone by any means, and you know, she’s able to have a treatment today, and she’s back at work the same day, just looking a little more refreshed. Again with this lady, and I love this one ’cause you can actually see the light source on her face. If you look at her under eye her under. I was actually alone, not treated. We can treat the under eye by itself, but she had a midface revolving volume isation. So we went in with HRA four and has really replenished this area. And. Really didn’t have a lot as far as nasolabial folds, but you’ll notice on her before photo. The shadowing that she has through here we see that in photos we see that especially at our zoom calls. We re built through here we pop this area out and took the shadow out to give her another light source and she overall just looks really light and refreshed and this is going to happen. With the HRA four and at three and two as well. My favorite model. So this is Jill, who you saw speaking in the beginning, so there’s about a year difference in these photos and Jill was stunning to start and you can see how well all of what we’ve done has moved with her. So what we did for Joe was a syringe of HRA four in each cheek, and I tell her all the time. My favorite thing that we did was a little bit in her chin as well to extend her jawline. We did nothing to her nasal labial folds. The volume in her cheeks that we added really pulled her back. You can see even in her under eye area how much brighter and less hollow it looks. Because we’ve created that light source with that. That filler structure, and we also added a little bit of HRA two to her lips. Now Jill was very adamant she did not want her lips overdone. I love a big lip, but I completely respected what she was saying and it looks perfect with her face. The HRA, two and lips is just enough to give that hydrated look. And you can see here as a side profile. That nasal labial fold is really eradicated with just that little bit of filler in the face. And I do think it’s important to note that when we’re discussing syringes of filler, each syringe is 1ML. It’s 1/5 of a teaspoon. I could not overfill you if I wanted too with one syringe, but placing a little bit in each cheek and again here in the chin. For Jill, you can really see what that has done for her jawline, and he’s really pulled back so her nasal labial fold is gone. And of course, her lips look really cute and youthful with just a little. Extra HRA two in them. That’s another profile, so this is actually an important photo to mention. Not every before and after photo is going to look amazing in the real world. Just photo for Jill, of course does look amazing, but what you’ll see here is something that’s very important when we’re injecting. If you notice the nasolabial fold through here, it’s not as amazing as the other side looked. That’s because our faces are not symmetrical. They’re never going to be. We can get them as close to perfect as we can. But Jill actually had an improvement all the way through. You’ll see in talking with her, especially if you’re in and out of the office and seeing her in person, that it’s nothing apparent. But in this photo alone, the shadow that you see here is just something that we have asymmetry side to side. But if you look at the lower part of her face where we’ve built a little extra volume through here, a little extra volume through here, how much it has looked that we’ve kind of debunked this area of her face. Now Jill has no block on her by any means, but it really has slim at slindon shaped her faith. That we couldn’t have done without without the filler, and again she had the HRA four in the HRA 2. So we definitely want to hear your questions about things. I really do love this line. I think that it’s been and a fabulous addition to the tool kit that I have. I do have, you know other fillers as well, but this is really been my go to for the softer, more flexible look. I can pretty much guarantee that using these products you’re you’re never going to look overdone. It’s going to be a lot more software and natural looking, and generally that’s what people come to me looking for. There are several options that you know we can kind of choose from, and the combination of all of those options really leaves you with an overall holistic rejuvenation of the faith. Without looking like like you’ve stepped foot in a plastic surgery office. Let’s see if we have some questions here. Unless there are additional slides that come up for us, yes, so it looks like we do have some questions. So someone says how soon will you notice the fillers? I think what they mean is how soon after treatment will we notice results OK? So for those who’ve been in my chair before, some of these are going to sound redundant because I tell this to every patient your filler is going to be immediate. We’re placing a product that’s going to restore the volume you are going to see that volume right away. But you’re not going to love your filler until about 10 to 14 days after. The reason for that is, it’s going to take time to integrate with the tissue you are going to have some swelling afterwards. We are creating a small amount of trauma with that needle that is just the nature of facial filler, so it really is going to be about 10 to 14 days before it’s completely settled. All the swelling is gone. AJ the hydronic acid. Its job is to kind of attract a little bit of water, so we want it to kind of subtle to kind of plump up a little bit. I’m gonna say about two weeks tops to see your full results. OK, let’s answer. Lavinia asks how much filler was used on her. I’m not sure if she means me or an A. Other one of the models. Or we can speak on mine OK? Jill had a syringe of HRA four in each cheek, so that’s going to be 1ML in each cheek. We also did a syringe in her chin. Actually, that may not be true. We did almost a syringe in each cheek and then used a little bit in her chin and then a syringe of HRA two in her lips. So she’s about 3, three and a half. Syringes total. OK, Peyton asks what makes HRA different from other products. I know we touched on this in the beginning, but I think we can probably afford to hear it again. So Alexis, I’ll pass this one on to you quickly. What are the I would say top three main differences between HRA? Another haa failures right? Thank you for the question. It’s a great question really. That word dynamic in our FDA approval is one of the things that makes us highly differentiated from other. Haa fillers on the market so. The FDA has approved us for dynamic wrinkles and folds, so they’re giving us their vote of confidence that, yes, this product actually moves with the face back and forth, back and forth. So that’s the first thing and the second thing is that it was it’s a designer filler. Now what we mean by designer is that not necessarily, it’s this Chanel of fillers or whatnot, although I do think it is, but that it’s been since it has been specifically designed to be more like the natural HA in our skin. So Madame, Valerie to pan, who is our creator of HRA? Who by the way was that, oh, creator of juvederm ultra ultra plus she knows AJ filler is very, very well her spit. Specific specifications for HRA. Was that it moved with the face number one and #2 is that it was more like the natural HA in our skin. So those are two of the things that make HRA a bit different from other HA fillers on the market. I hope I answered your question. Yeah, thank you so much. John wants to know how quickly can I get in for a consultation slash treatment. I’ll go ahead and take that one so we can typically accommodate consultations within, you know, three or four days time and we can typically get you in for treatment within two weeks. When it comes to filler, so definitely reach out to me and I can get you scheduled and everyone has my email, so I’m glad John mentioned this. Everyone received my email. When you received your link so please reach out to me. I’d be happy to get you scheduled an if you think of any questions that we don’t touch on this evening, you can reach out to me through email as well and I’ll make sure I get those answered for you. Maggie says is bruising a concern. So I’ll answer that. Yes, always I am poking you with a needle guys here likely going to have some swelling and bruising. Some people tend to bruise more than others. I do everything I can to mitigate that bruising. We you know, a lot of it is understanding facial anatomy, number 1 #2 we’re going to have you do some things afterwards that are really going to help you kind of knockout and slow down that bruising. But the fact of the matter is you may have some bruising and swelling with filler. So that is something, especially with your scheduling that you will have to plan around. Usually it’s not an issue, but if it is a concern for you, make sure we talk about that before your appointment. Great thanks so much and this is a great question. Maggie also asks is downtime from exercise suggested after receiving treatment? So what I tell people, and this may not be the same from every injector that you know you’ve heard from, is that you’re going to treat this like any other injury. I am going to create a little injury with that needle. What would you do if you had tweaked your ankle? What would you do if you had pulled a muscle? You might take a little bit of time off anything that really gets your heart rate up over the next couple of days is going to make you swell a little bit more if that’s a concern for you. You know, certainly take that time off. I get my filler and I go right to the gym. It doesn’t bother me at all, so you know, you don’t necessarily have to just know that your swelling. Maybe your bruising might be a little bit worse if you choose to exercise within the first 24 hours. Awesome, thanks Adrian. And John asks how many patients have we seen so far that we’ve treated with HRA? That’s a really great question. I actually don’t have the exact number on hand. I can tell you, though, that arejay has been quickly becoming a really popular product to use in our practice. So we do use this. I can definitely say with confidence every single day in our practice. We are using HRA and we’ve had it in the practice. Since, um. When when did we bring this in? Alexis actually Donaldson plastic surgery was the first practice in Columbus to bring HRA on board and that was at the beginning of September. Yeah, OK, so yeah, we’ve had it since September and we definitely do treat with HRA every day. Alright, so the next question is someone says, how long does it last? I know we touched on that a little bit, but it’s we’ve covered a lot of information, so I think that’s another thing. A good thing for us to cover again, how long can we expect our results to last with our AJ? HRA is FDA approved to last 15 months, which is on the higher end of a lot of fillers. A lot of fillers are FDA approved will last about 12 months. So here in the United States, HRA is approved to last 15 months. Awesome, thank you. And someone else says, Colleen says, what is the cost per filler? The cost will absolutely range. You are looking at anywhere from. You know 750 and up, and that’s really just based on your consultation, so that’s why consultations are so important. We really want to get you in the practice. Talk about your needs and then we can definitely quote you price upon your when you’re here for your consultation. It’s hard to tell when it comes to cost, because we don’t know which product will be best for you and we don’t know how much product will be best for you. So all of those things will determine what your final cost is. At the end of your treatment. Alright, does anyone have any any burning questions that they’re just they’re just dying to get out there? Alright, like I said, again, you’re always welcome to reach out to us. Adrian is an amazing source for education. I can help you as well. So let’s move on to the most exciting part of the evening. Alright, so we have a special offer for you tonight. Anyone who participated in our event this evening. We are offering $100 off any filler treatment and that includes multiple treatments. So again we don’t want to say how much you’ll need until you come in. Actually, let me rephrase that how much you may want. Nobody needs filler, but I definitely want it. I’ll tell you that. So come on in. Get a consultation. Also, what we’re offering for special is we are waiving our consultation fee. Our consultation fee is typically $100 so we will be able to get you on the schedule without having a consultation fee and we will also offer you $100 off your RJ filler treatment and again you all have my email so feel free to send me an email. I would love to see you. I would love to get you scheduled and thanks so much for joining us this evening and I hope to hear. From you all soon. Thank you guys. Thank you very much.

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