Reconstructive Surgery, Columbus, Ohio: Regain Your Looks and Your Confidence

How Reconstructive Surgery Can Help You

Whether you have a birth defect, a traumatic injury or scar following an accident, reconstructive surgery can help improve the damage. The defects can be corrected, and your body made functional and normal again with reconstructive surgery.

Columbus, Ohio, plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Sieffert, offers an array of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options for a multitude of needs. Reconstructive surgery is usually done to improve body function, but it may also be performed by a plastic surgeon to give a more aesthetic and symmetrical look to the body.

These techniques not only help to correct deformities and rehabilitate accident survivors, but they also help to restore confidence and the sense of normalcy.


Although procedures related to skin cancer are the most commonly performed operations in reconstructive surgery, Columbus, Ohio, plastic surgeon, Dr. Sieffert, also offers other reconstructive treatments and consultation on cases such as:

There is no standard format of treatment. Patients are encouraged to call our office at 614-442-7610 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sieffert to discuss an individualized treatment plan in reconstructive surgery.

We invite you to call us at 614-442-7610 to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson or Dr. Michelle Sieffert. Read More about Dr. Donaldson and Dr. Sieffert’s plastic surgery specialties.